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Collective Care

When do you feel the most fueled and fulfilled? I’ve found this feeling inside of my group coaching community events and retreats. Both as a facilitator and a participant, not only do I experience the joy of giving, but I feel poured back into in equal measure. This past weekend I attended a retreat where we created art and spent time in nature with horses. I was struck by a statement someone made during one of our reflective discussions.

“Collective care…when self-care isn’t enough.”

How might you allow yourself to be held in the enriching embrace of an intentionally curated community? Here are some strategies to support you on your journey of cultivating collective care. Communal Catharsis. I used to have a powerful little ritual that I did with my nephew and God children. I would take them on drives into downtown Detroit and whenever we went under a certain long and dark tunnel that was illuminated by a series of lights, we would all scream at the top of our lungs from the moment we entered it until the moment we exited it. There was something so freeing about that. You are not alone in the myriad of powerful emotions that you experience. Consider a shared experience of the exhilaration of liberating trapped emotions. Find a safe group with whom you can scream, cry, sing, laugh hysterically, visit a rage room, or attend a class where you can punch a heavy bag. Intergenerational Interdependence. Last week I facilitated a mental healing retreat where women in attendance ranged in age from their 20’s to their 70’s. Each shared their stories, wisdom, insight, and perspectives which were all essential elements that added value to the collective experience. When you are on a journey, similar to the equally important functions of the windshield and the rear-view mirror while driving, the care and compassion that you crave may come from someone who came before or behind you. Connected Collaboration. These days, the work that I choose to take on is more driven by who I get to work with. All of the projects that I take on are meaningful and important, but the true reward for me these days comes from leaning into my core value of connection. Working with people who feel like sunshine is a priceless resource that propels me to engage in endeavors that I might not otherwise have the energy or capacity to explore. This week I encourage you to trust fall into the safety net of collective care. Manifestation Affirmations I am finding my healing remedies in community. I am accessing the wisdom of those who’ve come before and after me. I am connecting and collaborating with people who feel like sunshine.

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