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Cultivating Confidence

There was a pivotal point in my career where I was called to work for which I didn’t quite feel qualified. An organization that I was consulting for asked me to be a national coach for a major initiative that was taking place across several states and backed by millions of dollars in investments. I was surprised that they chose me, but I trusted their belief in me because my colleagues, close friends, and loved ones have always had a way of seeing things in me before I could clearly see them in myself. That experience led to a series of events and activities that catapulted my confidence and my career. Here are a few strategies that I used that will support you as you cultivate your confidence. Confidence Co-Conspirators. From my dating life to my dance career, and all my other professional pursuits before, after, and in-between, I’ve always had people in my life who acted as true mirrors. The way that I saw myself had been clouded by my traumatic experiences, low vibrational environments, and unfortunate circumstances. Thankfully I had people along the way who helped to dissipate the foggy falsehoods through which I viewed myself. This inspired action which helped my perception of myself catch up to and ultimately match the reality of my value and worth. Who are your confidence co-conspirators? If you don’t have them yet, where might you find them and how might you invite them to be a part of your current community? Aspirational Affirmations. Each morning when I would wake up in a new city before a training, coaching session, or speaking engagement for this major initiative, I did a daily practice to thwart any feelings of insecurity that threatened to creep into my consciousness. I would write three words that represented how I wanted to feel in my daily planner, even if they were the farthest things from what I actually felt. Most days it was some variation of the same three concepts. I wanted to feel confident, competent, and capable. I would then take those words and turn them into affirmations or mantras that I would repeat to myself throughout the day. What are the words that represent how you want to feel? What affirmations will you create to invite those feelings into your life? Capacity Cultivation. Every time I encountered something I didn’t know or understand that I thought would help me to move the work forward, I found workshops or classes to take and books to read that would support my learning. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in school districts and youth development organizations was the focus of the initiative for which I was called in as a national expert and coach. To further convince myself that I did in fact deserve such an honor, I immersed myself in training on restorative practices, trauma informed care, and other related disciplines that would enhance my ability to support my clients. This investment in my own development not only made me more confident and better equipped to serve, but it also expanded the products and services that I was able to offer as a part of my consulting business long after the initiative ended. How might you cultivate your capacity to increase your confidence? What books, training, or other professional development opportunities will you engage with to elevate your craft? This week I challenge you to create the conditions necessary to cultivate your confidence. Manifestation Affirmations I am in community with people who help me to see myself more clearly. I am competent, capable, and confident. I am constantly cultivating my capacity to elevate my craft.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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