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Flip Your Formulas

A few years ago, I was asked to have a quick mentoring conversation with a young lady who was struggling in college. After listening to her describe her situation, I realized that making it to her early morning classes and staying alert once she got there was at the root of her problem. It turns out that because her high school courses started early in the morning, she assumed that she had to take early morning classes in college as well. I reminded her that she had a choice in how she wanted to set up her day and that if she wanted to improve her performance, she might consider shifting her schedule the next semester to taking classes that started later in order to engineer herself for success. She was shocked by the simplicity of it all and realized that she had been making things harder on herself than she needed to.

When you are in the midst of massive change, trying to fit your days and ways into old molds may be the very thing that keeps you stuck. When your mind is clouded with emotion or you're overwhelmed, the likelihood of getting your best work done is low. We tend to feel like we always have to take the harder route. We choose to take the dirt road laden with obstacles, which forces us to go slow, damages our vehicle, and extends the time it takes to arrive at our destination. Why take that option when a smoothly paved road is an available alternative?

We have become tied to certain formulas that made sense at one time but may no longer be relevant, helpful, or useful. When this is the case, I invite you to think about ways to flip those formulas to aid in your adjustment to your new way of being.

Here are some simple strategies for flipping some of our most common formulas.

Extended Breaks. During a standard eight-hour workday, we may work for two hours then take a fifteen-minute break. When our mind is on overload, working for fifteen focused minutes then taking a two-hour break may be precisely what we need to get back on track. Working in shorter spurts with more frequent breaks will give our brains the reset and refresh that we need.

Micro Movement. A commitment to fitness may look like working out six days a week for one hour per day. But if you’re feeling unmotivated, break that down and try six times per day for ten minutes each time. For those who are just getting started, try walking for two minutes for every hour that you've been sitting.

To-Don’t List. Watching the list of things that must be done grow longer and longer can lead to anxiety, shame, and ultimately giving up on it altogether. Shift your focus to what you won’t do to yourself during challenging times. For example, "I won’t judge myself for not being productive." or "I won’t shame myself for not doing everything I had planned."Your to-don’t list is also a way to prioritize what must happen now and what can honestly wait until another day.

This week I challenge you to flip the formulas that once worked but now have you feeling stuck. Pick one to practice and add more as needed. We are in a unique time where you have more choices in matters that were once dictated by others. Take advantage of this magic and design your days in ways that feel like sunshine.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am the designer of my day.

I am moving into new molds that feed my soul.

I love me unconditionally.

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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