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Flying Lessons

We’ve heard of things that happen in nature housed in neat little clichés, but how often do we witness these miraculous events in real-time?

This weekend I had that opportunity. Initially, I thought the baby bird outside of my window had fallen to his demise on our hard-stone porch. After further inspection, I realized that he was very much alive and had been pushed from his nest because it was time for him to learn how to fly.

As I looked on, I couldn’t help but make connections with those times in my life when I've been forced to elevate. This inspired me to create some strategies that support surviving and thriving when it is time for you to rise.

Persistence and Patience.I stared for hours as the baby bird switched between starts, stops, and stillness. The steps on our porch are steep and must have felt like mountains in relation to his tiny body. First, he flew down one, then after a long and patient pause, he flew down another two.

Whether you fall, leap, or are pushed, you may land hard and even face first, but you will survive. When it comes to that thing you are facing in your personal or professional life, start with one step, then two. Take your time and go slow. Prolonged periods of stillness are an important part of the process.

Courage and Coaching. Outside of the safety of the nest, the fledgling was open to the elements and predators. This must have provided even more incentive and the necessity for him to master flight so that he might rise above anything that might cause him harm. Throughout the entire process, the mother bird was perched nearby, providing protection from on high. She only swooped in occasionally to feed him as he hopped around and made slightly successful attempts to fly in small spurts.

I noticed that she was never right next to him or attempting to do anything for him. She was always supporting at a distance and letting him do the work. Keep this in mind whether you are seeking coaching support, or when you are in the coaching role.

Readiness and Responsibility. Why didn’t the mother push all of the baby birds out at once? She must have had some way of knowing who was ready. Besides, she probably only had the capacity to support one at a time when it was their time.

In life, we often fall into the trap of comparison or get sucked into the stories we tell ourselves about rejection. What we are actually experiencing is all in relation to time and our role in the season. Like the birds in the nest, it may be our time to observe and learn from those who are ahead of us. Or, like the bird learning to fly, it may be our responsibility to go before others to model what must be done so that they will know when their time comes.

When leaping feels too frightening, sometimes we need a push. Trust that falling is a part of the process of learning how to fly. This week I invite you to reframe a situation that you’ve been perceiving as challenging as the perfect opportunity to soar.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am patient.

I am courageous.

I am supported and I lead by example as I rise.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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