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From Sidelines to Center

At the beginning of his career, famed football legend Tom Brady was never anyone’s first choice. In college, the focus was on the quarterback who was there before him and one who came after him as the real ones to watch. When it was time for the National Football League (NFL) Draft, he wasn’t picked until the sixth round as number 199, which meant there were 198 players picked by professional teams before him. Yesterday he won his 7th Super Bowl and further solidified his title as one of the greatest to ever play the game.

Tom may not have been first on anyone else’s list, but he always bet on himself. He could have believed what others thought of him and slowly faded into the shadows of the sidelines. Instead, he chose to be front and center in his career by believing in himself enough to drown out and disprove any other theories about his ability.

Between watching the Brady 6 documentary and the Super Bowl game, I learned three important lessons to use as strategies for success when we are ready to return from the sidelines to the center of our lives.

Don’t Change the Channel. During a Super Bowl game a few years ago Tom’s team was so far from the lead that people thought there was no coming back. At halftime, a commentator asked him for his thoughts and his response was, “Don’t change the channel.” He had not retreated to the popular belief that it was over for him and his team. He went on to make a shocking comeback during the second half of the game leading his team to an unprecedented victory. What seems possible is relative to your belief. Being shaken by the fears and doubts of others can be contagious if we haven’t made a firm decision about who we are and what is possible for us.

Be the Best Decision. When Tom began work with his first NFL team, he went over and introduced himself to the team’s owner, shook his hand, looked him straight in the eye, and said, “I am the best decision this organization has ever made.” Be that bold and certain about the value that you add to any team, company, or relationship that you are a part of, and do the work to maintain that truth.

Unshakeable Focus. In my observations of people in many settings, I’ve noticed how easily their focus can be shattered and steered away from the goal because they are swept up in their emotions or the environment around them. Just like waves in an ocean, feeling our emotions can be a beautiful and powerful thing, but we must be careful not to be swept into and under the current.

When we are in the game and supreme focus is required right up to the end, some occurrences must be viewed objectively. When things happen, sometimes they are just that, things that happened. What throws us off is assigning all sorts of stories and sending ourselves into a spiral of either extreme exuberance or ultimate upset. This takes us further away from the attention needed to be paid to the present.

This week I challenge you to return to the center of your life. Come away from watching your life and the lives of others on the sidelines and get fully engaged in the game. Just like a common scene we see play out in the night sky, you are the star of your life, even if no one can see you because of clouds (distractions), or light pollution (comparison to others). There is power and brilliance in your shine.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am light.

I am the best decision.

I am surrendering to the flow. I feel the waves then let them go.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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