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Get Uncomfortable

For years, I was stuck in a fixed mindset which made me believe that buying the most affordable computer was the best and most responsible thing to do. Once my mindset and circle of influence began to shift and grow, I realized that I had actually been wasting money.  Each and every one of those affordable laptops would break within one to two years of the date that I had purchased them, so I would have to buy another.

Several people in my more carefully curated circle of influence suggested that I get out of that cycle and invest in a MacBook. For years I had been scared off by what I perceived to be a high price tag. When I added up all of the money that I’d spent on low budget laptops gone wrong, I’d far exceeded the total of an investment in a higher quality alternative. 

In a state of anxious reluctance, I made my way to the Apple store to make the purchase. When I got home, I set the bag by the door and didn’t look at it again until the next day. It would seem that I would be overflowing with excitement at the thought of exploring my new investment, but it represented so much more than a computer for me. I needed that time to process what might feel like an easy decision and transition to some, but one that held such deeper meaning for me.  I’ll have to learn a whole new system. I have to get uncomfortable. I can no longer blame my technology for threatening my commitment to a spirit of excellence. Just as I had to shift from penny pinching PCs to manifesting a Mac, there also had to be a shift in my friendships, relationships, habits, behaviors and thoughts if I truly wanted to manifest a life that I loved. From brokenness to things that last From making cheap purchases to making smart investments From undervaluing myself and my time to truly knowing my value and worth From indecisiveness to clarity, follow-through and commitment This week I challenge to examine where you are too comfortable and what it might be costing you. It is time to shake things up in an area of your life where you truly desire something different. This doesn’t have to be something material or that costs money. Remember, you are your most valuable asset and your energy is currency.

What behavior, mindset, excuse, friendship or relationship has become your costly comfort space?

What is one small change you can make that might feel uncomfortable at first, but would increase the quality of your life and work?

Get uncomfortable.

Design a life you love.

Manifestation Affirmations I am worthy and I deserve the best. I am my greatest investment. I am committed to a spirit of excellence. Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones

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