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Joy Journey

Sometimes we get so focused on what we must do that we forget to make time for what we want or desire. After taking myself and my life so seriously for so long, I’ve decided that it’s time to pause for play and pleasure. To honor this impulse, I have been intentionally curating my joy journey. I began by contemplating the question, “Who were you before you were inundated with responsibilities and expectations to achieve and succeed by society’s standards?” I invite you to ponder that question too. What I discovered is that a return to the most basic delights is often the answer to our most pressing challenges when it comes to cultivating joy.

I am returning to the simplicity of being as a part of my healing.

Here are a few strategies to consider as you plan your joy journey. Grown-Up Playdates. Playdates aren’t only reserved for parents who want their children to play together. We too can coordinate intentional opportunities for social connection with our friends and loved ones. This summer I’ve planned several outdoor adventures such as hikes, beach days, festivals, and kayaking with people who feel like sunshine. At least once a month I plan a girl’s day with my mom where we visit our favorite casino to enjoy good food, girl talk, and games. These enriching encounters give me something to look forward to, and leave me feeling energized. Who do you need to coordinate a grown-up playdate with? Inspiration Stations. I love to visit places and spaces that spark curiosity and inspiration in me. When I need fresh content for a workshop, speaking engagement, or writing, I will take a walk in nature, visit a library or bookstore, or attend an interesting event. We sometimes think that forcing ourselves to work harder and longer is the answer, but taking a break in an enchanting environment may be the very thing that gives us the energy and inspiration that we need to move forward with clarity. What places or spaces might you visit to ignite inspiration? Normalize Nothingness. While watching Brené Brown’s Atlas of the Heart series I was deeply moved by the quote, “The cure for overwhelm is nothingness." Doing nothing often gets an undeserved negative reputation, but it is in the nothingness that our body and mind has the time it needs to rest, recover, and recharge. When will you schedule some much-needed time for nothingness? This week I challenge you to open yourself up to the possibilities of pleasure and play. Consider what you really want to experience and feel, then make plans and take action on your joy journey. Manifestation Affirmations I am exploring inspiring environments. I am normalizing nothingness. I am prioritizing pleasure and play.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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