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Let Go With Love

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

While shopping this weekend I came across a really cute puffer vest that was the size I thought I wore. I tried it on and realized that the two sides were nowhere near close enough to be able to meet, much less zip up, so I immediately hung it back on the rack. In the past, I would have bought it, especially if it was a bargain, and hung it in my closet hoping for the day that it would fit. Now I have no such patience or inclination. I am more interested in reveling in who I am now, instead of focusing on who I hope to be but may never actually see. The same is the case with old clothes that once fit, but no longer do. We hold onto them wishing that perhaps one day the circumstances will change. I’m slowly learning to let go by asking myself, “Aren’t you worth new clothes that represent who you are in that moment if and when that ‘one day’ comes?” This is often the case not only with clothes, but also with relationships, jobs, environments, or anything else that we’ve either outgrown or that are no longer a fit for who or where we are right now. We either try to force it, or we wait for an outcome that may never arrive. Neither of those options is very comfortable or helpful so here a few strategies to help us shift our mindsets. Growth Indicators. This week I did a video where I talked about how I knew I was growing personally when gossip began to feel gross. As a young person, I delighted in it, but I've discovered that it was an indicator of how unhappy I was with myself. Now, even just participating by listening to it, literally has an adverse effect on me physically. When this happens, I have the hard conversation of letting the person know how uncomfortable it makes me feel, or I remove myself from the situation or relationship. What are your growth indicators? Find Your Fit. Similar to the clothing scenario I discussed above, what relationship or role are you trying to put on that is simply not your size? In the literal sense, my favorite types of clothing these days are yoga pants and exercise gear. I feel free, flexible and beautiful when I wear them. I’ve been doing the same thing with the work I take on and the company I keep. Think of your values as your size. Your values are words that represent what you believe in, stand for, and who you are at your core. If the people you spend time with and the environments that you are in are aligned, then you’ve found your fit. What are your measurements (core values)?

Release it With Love. When it was time to leave a relationship or situation, I used to think there had to be some big bad reason. I had to be angry or wronged in some way. Now I know that you can let go with love. Celebrate what that thing or person was for you at the time, because everything, whether it is good for us or not, serves a purpose or meets a need. Acknowledge that, give thanks, and release it with love. What or who do you need to release with love? This week I challenge you to honor and accept your whole self for who you are in this very moment. Self-acceptance means celebrating who we are today. If we only focus on who we once were and hope to be again, or who we want to be in the future, we never truly accept or embrace who we are right now. We neglect and reject the self who does so much for us in this moment. Grant yourself the space, grace, gratitude and care that you so freely give to others. You deserve it. The best part of letting go is that it makes space for something or someone exciting and new that is waiting patiently to come to you. Manifestation Affirmations I celebrate who I am today. I accept who I am right now. I am open to receive the exciting new experiences and relationships that I’ve made space for.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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