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Manifestation Acceleration

Alignment accelerates manifestation.

Last week, I facilitated the weekly problem-solving mastermind group session for our coaching community. We did an activity where each member wrote down a project that they were working on that could benefit from some additional support and ideas from the group. My project was promoting the coaching community to attract more individuals who were just like them. One of my members suggested that it was time for me to do TV commercials. My initial response was, “Yikes! Where would I even begin?” After the session, I was extremely exhausted, but I wanted to record one of my Mindset Moment videos on Instagram. I wasn’t pleased with how I looked, but I reminded myself that it wasn’t about me. It was about whoever needed to hear the message, so I pushed myself past myself and did it anyway. A few hours later I woke from a much-needed nap and saw that I had received a message in my Instagram inbox. It was from a reputable casting company who wanted to pitch me to their client, a very well-known international brand, for a commercial. Guess how they found me? I was discovered on that very video which I almost didn’t post! I often remind my clients that you don’t have to know the how, you just have to get clear on the what and your why. The way that this experience unfolded confirmed that. It also supported my assertion that when you are operating in alignment with your personal core values, mission, vision, and people who add value to your life, manifestation is fast-tracked. Here are a few strategies to increase alignment and in turn accelerate manifestation. Problem-Solving Structures. During each of our mastermind sessions, we use a collaborative problem-solving structure to help people think in different ways and make sure that all voices are heard equitably. This is often more effective than free-flowing full-group or one-on-one discussions where ideas can get lost or go unheard. Community Capital. The members of our community range in age from their late 20s to their early 60s. Collectively we have a range of experiences and identities that add so much intergenerational wisdom and intersectional experience to the group. Leverage the strengths, expertise, and even the untainted innocence and optimism of all of the members of your village. Invest Attention. This amazing opportunity was time-sensitive. The audition video and application were due the next day by 6pm. Since I was not previously following the casting company on Instagram, their message went to a folder that is not readily visible to me if I’m not paying attention. We call it “paying” attention, because just like money if we don’t invest it in a focused and intentional way, we find ourselves at a loss. Opportunities are often right in our midst, but we miss them because we are distracted or looking in a different direction. Pay attention to what is before you and you will reap high returns on that investment. This week I challenge to get even just 10% more in alignment. Add some structures to your interactions, or leverage the strengths of the people you spend the most time with. Gather the scattered pieces of your divided attention and focus them in a singular direction. This intentional alignment will accelerate all that you want to manifest. Manifestation Affirmations I am in alignment with who I am at my core. I am investing my attention wisely. I am rich with community capital.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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