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Protect Your Passcode

Most of the things that we want to keep safe are protected by a passcode.  One of the main things that we secure with a passcode is our bank account. This is where we shelter the resources and assets that afford us our basic needs and desires. Our resources and assets are our money. Money is currency, and currency is energy. Just like our money, we must protect our energy.

Everyone can't have access. Your energy is a privilege that is reserved, first for you, and then for the people and projects that you choose to share it with. If we are not careful, we may find our energy depleted and in some cases overdrawn by external sources that we have not granted permission. Your passcode represents the safeguards you put in place to be able to show up as your full and best self. What systems do you need to enact to keep this valued treasure abundant and overflowing? Pass codes are often 4 digits, so here are 4 tips to protect your fortune...  1. Reinvest the interest – In literal terms, interest is the money that your money makes, or the fees that your expenses take. In this case, I want you to think of your interest as your time and your sleep. When you’ve made a profit or return on either, use the excess to do things that replenish you and fill you up. When either is taken away, make space in your mental and physical budget to compensate for the losses. 2. Commit your passcode to memory – The mind is the safest place to hide the secrets to your wealth. In order to have the mental health that is necessary for this, you must consume things that keep your brain fresh (nourishing food, knowledge and positive people) and deny the things that cloud your judgement (relationships and substances that impair your ability to retain clarity). 3. Write it in a safe and sacred space – Write out the things that protect your prosperity. This looks like listing what you are grateful for and writing affirmations that represent what you hope for. 4. Shield it from those who seek to drain it – Energy vampires are real. Mentally prepare yourself to enter environments where you are susceptible to the life being sucked out of you. Visualize a force field of protection surrounding you. Once you escape such surroundings, use objects or rituals that align with your spiritual beliefs to cleanse anything unsavory that may have attached itself to you.  

When it comes to our passcodes, it’s not uncommon to forget, so every now and then we must reset. This may also be necessary if we have shared our passcode, or access to our energy with too many people. This week I challenge you to identify and take action on one way that you can protect or reset this important shield of your wellbeing. I’d love to hold you accountable, so send me your action step via email or social media. Manifestation Affirmations Access to my energy is a privilege I am a valuable vessel filled with infinite energy I hold the key to my treasure . Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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