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ReRight Your Story

There was a time when news media was exclusive to professionals in the field of journalism. Their best practices included fact checking information before it was released to the public. This involved rigorous research and confirming the accuracy of the source of what was being shared. With advancements in technology and the exponential growth of social media we are exposed to information that may look like traditional media, but there is no guarantee that the stories are true. This paradigm shift gave birth to the term, Fake News. Therefore, we must be careful about what we believe and share, because it might not be real.

This is very similar to the stories that we tell ourselves based on our life experiences. There is what actually happened, then there is the meaning, perception and perspective that we assign to it that takes us further and further away from the truth. After a while, we share these stories with ourselves and others so much that we begin to believe them.

What are the stories that you’ve been telling yourself? I had been telling myself two feature fake news stories for the majority of my life... I’m just not good with money.


My Dad left, and since he’s the man who is supposed to love me most of all, if he could leave me, anyone can leave me. These false stories became self-fulfilling prophecies in that they informed all of my actions and inactions which would ultimately lead to the very things that I dreaded most. Just like with any lie, I had to keep adding to each story so they would continue to make sense for the long term. Let me hurry up and spend this money before someone needs to borrow it or a bill collector tries to take it away.

and... Let me leave or hurt these men that I’m dating before they can leave or hurt me. Over time, I had become a character that I did not recognize. I went from being the protagonist to the antagonist in my own story. This went on until I realized that I was also the author and the narrator, and whenever I was ready, I could rewrite my story.

It all began with fact checking and rigorous research. I had to go deep inside my soul to find the source of my stories and figure out the truth. This soul work allowed me to craft a new story rooted in reality. My previous poverty mindset had me leading with lack which caused me to focus on what I didn’t have, but this can be shifted, and money management is a skill that can be learned and mastered.


My Dad loves me so much and I couldn’t get rid of him if I tried. I release any expectation that I had of him to be what the world led me to believe a father should be.

When I stopped feeding into my own fake news and got rooted and grounded in facts, I found freedom. What fake news do you need to unlearn?

This week I challenge to identify one story you have been telling yourself and rewrite it to reflect the life you truly deserve and desire.

ReRIGHT your story.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am the author of my story.

I am the narrator of my reality.

I am the illustrator of my ideal life.

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love

Most Sincerely,

Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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