8 Coping Strategies for Challenging Times e-Book - $8.88

If I know nothing else, I know that stuff can stick to you. When I say stuff, I am talking about the events in life that break you. The experiences that try to define you. The feelings like fear and self-doubt that put the breaks on your success and your belief about what is possible for your future.


In this eBook, I've provided eight powerful life lessons that will lead you on a path of personal growth and deep transformation.


I'm honored to be your guide.


Most Sincerely,


Monica Marie Jones

Your Soul Journey Guide


Lesson 1 - Grace and grief strategies during challenging times


Lesson 2 - Making capacity for yourself and your emotions


Lesson 3 - Learn to release that which may no longer be relevant, helpful or useful


Lesson 4 - Learn to focus on what is possible instead of what is problematic


Lesson 5 - A process for creating clarity


Lesson 6 - Shift your mindset


Lesson 7 - Strategies to cope with grieving what you've lost and the fear of missing out on what you want or hoped to have


Lesson 8 - Ways to re-imagine your use of time. 

What You'll Learn 

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