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Abundance Avenue

This weekend I ran into someone who saw me speak at a conference the week before and they said, “I threw away all of my Taco Bell sauce packets!” This may sound like an odd statement, but it was actually a huge win. During my speech I spoke about having an abundance mindset and how holding on to items we don’t really need and will probably never use may be a sign that we are living in “Scare City.” This is a concept that I learned in the book, The Abundance Code by Julie Ann Cairns. It’s the idea of being stuck in a scarcity mindset where we live in a place of fear. It is a place where we constantly feel that there’s not enough, or we are not enough, and so we must always be prepared for something to run out or go wrong. Hence the example I mentioned during my speech of hoarding overflowing drawers of Taco Bell sauce and other fast food condiment packets. When we release these things it not only frees up physical space, but mental and emotional space as well. When we have this extra space, we are now able to receive more of what we actually want and need to flourish and grow. As we continued our conversation she made a powerful statement that I have been meditating on ever since,

“We should be a river, not a reservoir.”

When I looked up the definitions the analogy became clear. Rivers flow and help things to grow, while reservoirs are dank and lifeless. Here are a few strategies to support you as you move out of “Scare City” and on to Abundance Avenue. Giving. Think of your capacity and your energy as a receptacle that represents your personality. It could be a cup, a container, a vase, or a suitcase. Start by figuratively filling it with the things you need to thrive. When that hypothetical vessel is filled, then you can begin to start giving from the overflow. Giving is not just limited to money, it can be any resource that you have in surplus. One valuable gift that many of us have to give is influence. Whether it’s on social media or in your community, you can be the assembler of people who come together to pool other valuable resources like time and talent for causes, people, and projects that you believe in. What do you need to give to yourself to make sure your vessel is full? What resource will you give from your overflow and who will you choose to be the recipient? Gratitude. Every morning I start my day with a practice that I call “8 Great Things.” This is a section that I set aside in my Passion Planner Daily where I write 8 things that I am grateful for no matter how small they are. I intentionally chose the number 8 because when turned on its side it is the infinity symbol which represents abundance. This is a helpful reminder when I revert to focusing all of my attention on one thing that’s going wrong when there are so many more things in my life that are going right. What’s on your 8 Great Things list? Grace. While grace is a wonderful gift to grant to others, it is an even more powerful offering that we can give to ourselves. When I listen to people, I’m always taken aback at how harshly they criticize themselves. Even though the vitriol is self-directed, I still want to stop them and say, “Hey, don’t talk about my friend that way!” When the negative self-talk isn’t voiced out loud, there may be a subconscious series of statements playing on repeat in the background of our minds. What if we gave ourselves grace instead? Grace for self is an act of abundance because there is an infinite supply. It doesn’t run out after you make a certain number of mistakes. What do you need to give yourself grace for? This week I challenge you to begin your relocation from “Scare City” to the more bountiful destination of Abundance Avenue. Manifestation Affirmations I am filling my vessel with the things I need to support my health and well-being. Once that is full and overflowing, then I am giving to others from my overflow. I am grateful for all of the small things that work out in my favor each and every day. I am giving myself the gift of grace.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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