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Accountability Accelerator

Recently I sent a text message to a dear friend from grad school to share an opportunity that I thought would be a great fit for her. That prompted her to send me her goals for the year and I was blown away when I saw that her first goal was identical to one of my main goals. We had a shared health and fitness goal with the same metrics and action steps. I responded to this by saying, “Why don’t we hold each other accountable for that one since we have it exactly in common?”

Ever since that day we have shared workout schedules, pictures of meals, words of encouragement, recommendations, and so much more. The most powerful part of it all is that we are both in positions where we are usually the ones supporting others in reaching their goals, so it felt wonderful for each of us to receive that same level of support in return.

This intentional accountability has accelerated our progress toward our goals. Here are a few strategies to support you in identifying your accountability accelerators.

Mutual Metrics. My friend and I make for highly compatible accountability partners for our health and fitness goals because we have very similar body types, interests, experiences, and backgrounds. This helps us to move forward faster because we can relate to each other so well that we don’t have to spend much time or energy getting to know or understand one another. Whatever your aim may be, consider finding an accountability partner with aligned values and variables for a powerful personal or professional growth collaboration.

Who can you collaborate with for mutual support towards a shared goal?

Fuel Focused. As we discussed our health and fitness plans and goals, I realized that so often we focus on what we want to stop doing or take away from our regular routines. This inspired me to propose that we focus on adding nourishing products and practices to our regimens instead of denying or depriving ourselves. I further supported my assertion by reminding her that at this point in our lives we’d sacrificed enough of ourselves for the benefit of others. We agreed to focus on fueling ourselves instead of subscribing to rigid restrictions.

Where do you need to make a shift from deprivation and denial to nourishing and fueling yourself and your soul?

Treadmill and Chill. I did a workout on Saturday night. This would never have happened normally, but I wanted to be able to share my accomplishment with my accountability partner. Each day we had been sharing how we'd carved out time to focus on ourselves by moving our bodies. I didn’t want this streak of goodness to end. So, when she said she rode her bike while watching television, I committed to doing the same while walking on the treadmill, and I wanted to keep my word. When I was finished, I felt so good about myself. I discovered that coupling a more challenging task with something relaxing or entertaining makes it so much more enjoyable.

Think about a task you’ve been putting off, or a healthy habit that you want to create. What activity can you couple it with to enhance your enjoyment?

This week I challenge you to accelerate the momentum toward your goals by activating the power of accountability.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am collaborating with aligned individuals who support me reciprocally.

I am focused on fueling myself until I am full physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I am accelerating my accomplishments by accompanying them with enjoyable activities.

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