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Alignment Check

When we are in the space in between hard decisions, transitions, or new opportunities, life may feel like a smooth road. This reminds me of the open highway on long road trips that I would take when I was younger. I remember activating autopilot mode which would propel my car forward automatically without me having to put my foot on the gas. I still had to steer the car and be mindful of other vehicles in close proximity which would call for a decrease in speed or pumping the brakes. Changes in terrain and speed limit, or obstacles in the road are like the tough choices, challenges, and setbacks that we are faced with that require us to actively drive our lives to get to our desired destinations. Whenever my clients are faced with hard decisions, I invite them to return to their personal core values. They use these along with their personal mission statement and personal vision statements as steering tools to guide them toward the opportunities, environments, or relationships that are in harmony with who they truly are at their core. This week I’ve been delighting in reading the book, Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power by Lalah Delia, and attending the classes that she teaches in her membership community. In both, she talks about how we can get stuck on autopilot in our lives. This prompted me to create a strategy that would help me examine how my current activities align with my personal core values. I wanted to do an alignment check to make sure that I was actively navigating my personal and professional life in an intentional and purposeful way instead of just coasting on autopilot. Here are some strategies to support you as you engage in your own alignment check. Know Your Non-Negotiables. If you don’t already know what your core values are, start by identifying them and defining them. For those that have already gone through this process, use this time for a return and review. Have they changed? If not, are you actively engaged with activities, environments, and opportunities that are aligned? Alignment Audit. Turn to a fresh page in your journal and create a table that has your core values at the top. In each column list your current activities under the value with which they are most aligned. What did you discover? Are they balanced? Is one or more being neglected? Aspirational Alignment. Create a new row beneath your current activities to list activities that you would like to start doing that are aligned with each of your values. Are there any activities that are at the intersection of all your values? For example, I discovered that attending a meeting of our local Fine Arts Breakfast Club would align with all three of my values which are connection, learning, and creativity. This week I challenge you to do an alignment check. How does the way that you are spending your time measure up against what matters to you most? Manifestation Affirmations I am honoring my non-negotiables. I am engaging in activities that are aligned with the truth of who I am at my core. I am living my values.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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