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Allow the Flow

Every Monday morning, I try to write and send these messages to you before 12pm Eastern Standard Time. This decision is not rooted in any profound research, I just know that sometimes Monday mornings can be challenging, so I thought it would be the perfect time for a little encouragement. The inspiration usually hits me when I sit down to write, but today I found myself trying to force a message instead of allowing it to flow. Once I became aware of this self-imposed pressure, I gave my message the space and grace to arrive when it was ready. When you find yourself feeling stuck or stagnant, here are a few strategies to support you in allowing the flow. Breaks Lead to Breakthroughs. I decided to massage my muse by pausing for a 5-minute Peloton meditation. When the class was finished, I stayed there with my eyes closed for a while. My brain needed a break. The space that was created by that purposeful pause made room for my message to appear. The Great Work Window. These days it may feel like a struggle to sustain motivation during traditional work hours. If you find yourself feeling this way, I invite you to identify your psychological peak performance hours. We all have a window of time when our brains feel the most fresh and clear. For me, that time is 10am to 12pm. I can produce more and perform at a far higher level within this two-hour window than I could if I tried to force myself into the frame of a standard 8-hour workday. Recognize your great work window and crank out what needs to be done then give yourself permission to take a break when that time is up. Clear Your Cache. We clear the browser cache on our computers to prevent it from using old forms, protect our personal information, and to help the applications on our computer run more smoothly. When it comes to our body this looks like deep breaths, stepping outdoors to soak up fresh air and sunshine, hydrating, or looking away from screens to give our eyes a break from the strain that staring at them for hours on end creates. This week I challenge you to allow the flow of creativity, joy, peace, or whatever else you desire that you’ve been blocking with barriers and bad habits. Like water, the freedom of flow can lead to powerful transformations and breakthroughs. Manifestation Affirmations I am allowing the freedom of flow. I am taking breaks to make space for my breakthroughs. I am granting grace to myself and others.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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