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Audit Your Subscriptions

What are you subscribed to?

As I was reviewing my finances, I realized that I have a lot of recurring subscriptions that I am not as actively engaged with as I once was. I signed up for different streaming services to watch certain shows, but now those show’s seasons have ended. I subscribed to certain media outlets to keep up with current research and events, but now the nature of the headlines and content are creating more anxiety and stress. In my business, I’ve noticed that I’m subscribed to multiple services that offer the same features.

These are all literal subscriptions, but it also makes me think about the beliefs, mindsets, assumptions, and behaviors that we subscribe to that may no longer be serving us. Just as the cost of literal subscriptions add up and decrease our currency, our figurative subscriptions cause us to spend and deplete our energy. Here are some strategies to support you as you audit your subscriptions to determine what is up for cancellation.

Streamline Your Systems. Automated scheduling is an important part of my business. After auditing my operations, I realized that I am enrolled in five different systems that have an automated scheduling feature, four of which I am paying for regularly. As I am working on the action steps toward the goal of expanding my team, one of the first assignments for my next hire will be to find one or two systems that can do all the things I need in one place, so I won’t have to navigate multiple platforms.

Where have you unnecessarily been spending extra resources and energy by duplicating efforts? How might you simplify your life by streamlining your systems?

Measure Your Motivation. Whether we are subscribing to a streaming service, or to a school of thought, we have a specific purpose at that moment in time. As time passes, we may need to re-examine our why. The season for that program may have ended, but we allow our beliefs and behaviors to stay on auto pay, which looks like paying attention to things that are no longer aligned with who we have become.

What are you still subscribing to even though your motivation or the meaning that it once held for you may have changed?

Abundance Arithmetic. I’ve seen some major breakthroughs happen for my clients when I have them do some simple math problems. It starts with their subscription to the belief that they don’t have money for something they really want, or that their savings, fundraising, or investing goals seem impossible. So, I simply have them add up things that they are subscribed to such as streaming services, meals outside of the home, or money spent on ride shares. When they see the total, they are stunned as they realize that it is often the exact amount or maybe even exceeds what they need to reach their goal. The purpose of this exercise is not to be punitive or to subscribe to a scarcity mindset. It is simply to bring awareness to what’s possible when we shift our fixed mental subscriptions.

What cognitive calculations do you need to make to gain more clarity?

This week I challenge you to take a deep look into what you are subscribing to. Whether they are literal or figurative subscriptions, it may be time to upgrade those which require higher quality and capacity, or cancel those which no longer serve you.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am streamlining my subscriptions to preserve my resources and energy.

I am unsubscribing from beliefs and mental programs whose seasons have ended.

I am activating my abundance by adding to my self-awareness.

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