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Belief Bandwidth

Last week I facilitated a coaching session for a famous client. I regard her like I do Oprah because of her wisdom and impact. I was so excited to work with her, but of course, out of all the coaching sessions I’ve done virtually over the last six months, this was the one time my internet simply would not cooperate. It went out multiple times and refused to stay connected. When we talked to our internet provider, they said the problem was that there were too many people in our area using their devices at the same time. There simply wasn’t enough bandwidth to manage it all.

This made me think about our beliefs and how they impact our capacity to create our desired reality. Our beliefs are often rooted in our prior knowledge and experiences, most of which was created when we were children. This year my focus has been on inviting abundance and releasing scarcity. In this work, I’ve realized that I need to increase my capacity for belief in what is possible when it comes to wealth and prosperity.

Think of that thing you want more than anything. You’ve done your research and your desire is there, but it continues to elude you. This is an indication that there may be some reprogramming that needs to take place when it comes to your beliefs. In order to invite and receive our greatest dreams, we must make space by adjusting the bandwidth of our beliefs.

Here are a few strategies to consider as you begin this work.

Modify Your Beliefs. Certain beliefs were very necessary for our safety at the time when we needed them, but as circumstances change, they may not be as relevant and can be relaxed. For example, the author of The Abundance Code talks about how as children, we were taught not to touch the stove because it was hot. As adults, we know that the stove is not hot when it’s not on and we must touch it to clean it.

What beliefs were necessary when you needed them, but can now be relaxed or modified?

Turn Off Beliefs. There are certain beliefs that simply no longer serve us. These are often the ones that are deeply buried in our subconscious and that can sabotage our reality. For example, for a long while, I believed that getting pregnant at a young age would get in the way of the bright future that I saw for myself, so that was my biggest fear. Once I had achieved my educational and professional goals, that belief morphed into a new one, “Maybe I can’t have children.” Based on the power of the mind and how thoughts become things, I don’t think it’s any coincidence that I don’t have children. Now I’m ready to turn off or release that belief because it no longer suits me.

What beliefs no longer suit you?

Expand Your Beliefs. When we are having trouble connecting, or when our connection is slow, internet companies offer us the option to purchase more bandwidth. I liken this to my quest to build wealth and invite abundance into my life. If I want to reach my next goal level of wealth, I have to increase my capacity for what I believe is possible for me in order for it to become my reality.

Where do you need to expand the capacity of your belief bandwidth?

This week I challenge you to free up space by modifying, relaxing, or increasing your belief bandwidth. Pay special attention to the beliefs that live in your subconscious. Our neighbors who were using their internet at the same time were impacting our connection. It was not until we began problem-solving that we became aware. Seek support in helping you to bring limiting beliefs to your awareness so you can adjust or eliminate them. You can have what you want if you believe that you can.

Manifestation Affirmations:

I am creating my reality.

I am expanding my capacity for belief in what is possible for me.

I am gifted with the superpower of manifestation.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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