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Cheat Codes

One fun fact about me is that I absolutely loved video games as a child. My younger brother and I would play the Super Mario Brothers game on our Nintendo gaming system for hours. As we advanced to higher levels in the game, things would get harder, so in order to succeed, we began using cheat codes. The word 'cheat' often has a negative connotation, but in video games, these codes create an advantage which makes the game easier. This is a concept that I've been exploring a lot lately with my business partners and mastermind group members by thinking about how we can apply it to our personal and professional lives. I learned more formal terms as a student of Operations School with Racheal Allen. She taught us about The Focus Funnel which helped us to maximize our time by focusing on doing the things that only we can do. Once we identified those things, we were advised to eliminate, delegate, or automate everything else. Just like cheat codes, putting these systems in place gave me back the time, energy and inspiration I needed for innovative ideas, rest, and quality time with loved ones. Here are some strategies, or cheat codes that I use in each of these three areas. Eliminate. During one of my Money Mindset sessions with my group coaching community, I have them write out a list of every single thing that they spend money on in a given month. Once the list is complete, we put a ‘W’ next to the items that are wants, and an ‘N’ next to the items that are needs or necessities. We should definitely budget for some of the things that we want, this is not at all about operating from a deprivation or a scarcity mindset, but there are some important questions that we can ask ourselves. Do we really need cable TV, plus all of the streaming services, and all of the music streaming apps? During the session we all learned that we were paying for things that we were not even using or paying for more than one thing that served the same purpose. Elimination also looks like releasing tasks with love by delegating them to someone who could do them just as well or better than you, or automating tasks that don’t require human operation. What are you spending your precious energy or resources on that you could eliminate? Automate. What are you doing manually that is taking up a ton of your time? There is probably an app for that. My favorite cheat codes when it comes to automation are templates and scheduling systems. Do you find yourself writing that same email over and over again from scratch? What if you could write it once and save it as a template? I use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that comes with several ready-made templates, and gives me the option to create my own. Are you spending a lot of time going back and forth via email or text message to schedule meetings? What if you could simply enter your availability into a scheduling system once and send someone a link which will allow them to book the meeting? I use a scheduling system that not only does this, but also puts the meeting on both of our calendars, and automatically sets up a dedicated Zoom meeting link. What are you doing manually that you could automate? Delegate. There is someone else who is not only highly skilled at the things that feel like drudgery for you, but they also actually love it. My cheat code has been hiring talented people to support me with graphic design for marketing, slide deck creation for presentations, and event or retreat logistics and coordination. This allows me to focus on my Zone of Genius which is content design and facilitation. I’ve gotten so much time back, and I’ve released the resentment and procrastination that accompanies doing tasks that I am not passionate about. What is it time for you to delegate? This week I challenge you to invite more ease into your life by identifying and activating your cheat codes. Doing this will bring you closer to your bliss. Manifestation Affirmations I am inviting ease into my life. I am releasing that which no longer serves me. I am finding my flow by letting things go.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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