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Clarity Through Closing

When I was away at college, I got a frightening call from my mother. Her screams and cries while trying to communicate what was happening made her words impossible to decipher. From what I could gather, I was certain that an intruder had entered her home. I was ready to call in the authorities and take a high speed drive home to run to her rescue.

Before I had to resort to such drastic measures, her speech became coherent enough for me to realize that the intruder was a squirrel who was accosting a bag of Chex Mix on her kitchen counter. He had gained access through a window that she left open.

As I’ve been taking my time easing into how I want to shape this year, I’ve discovered that progress is not always about doing more, trying harder, or starting something new. Sometimes the way forward lies in closing things that have been left open and unattended.

Even the smallest things left open, unfinished, or without a clear ending can take up tons of mental and emotional space and energy.

Here are some strategies to support you as you find your clarity through closing.

Review Your Recurrences. In my Manifest and ManageYour Money group coaching session I have my participants examine their expenditures. In several instances they’ve become aware of recurring payments for memberships or subscriptions that they no longer use. This creates a powerful breakthrough for those who don’t believe they have enough money to invest in the things they want or need. When they add up all of the recurring expenses that they haven’t been paying attention to, it often matches or exceeds the amount of money they hoped to make or save to meet other goals. We also experience recurrences in our lives in other ways. When there is an important lesson I need to learn, messages or signs often come to me multiple times to get my attention.

What recurrences do you need to close out to free up space for what you want to create in your life?

Consider Your Communications. One of my favorite questions that I often ask my clients is, “What conversation is it time to have?” Maybe you've been wanting to offer an apology or ask for forgiveness of someone to whom you’ve caused harm. Is there a person who you really appreciate, and you’ve been meaning to share your gratitude with them verbally or send them a handwritten thank you card? Perhaps a friend, colleague, or loved one has been on your mind, so your intention has been to connect with them or check on them. Moving forward with these communications is a powerful way to close what you have left open.

What conversation or other mode of communication is it time for you to initiate?

Revise Your Relationships. Take stock of your personal or professional relationships and check them for alignment against your core values. If there are any that are no longer aligned, it may be time for those associations to end. These closings don’t have to end on a negative note. I often exit professional partnerships at the peak of my practice because I feel it is time to cultivate and support the next generation of leadership and talent in that space. If communicating the end to a personal relationship verbally or in writing doesn’t feel safe, do a guided visualization meditation where you picture yourself cutting the energetic or emotional cords that tie you to them.

What relationships are you ready to release?

This week I challenge you to assess your activities and audit your associations so that you can determine where closure will grant you freedom and clarity.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am freeing up mental and emotional space and energy for creativity.

I am engaging in courageous conversations.

I am taking stock of my personal and professional relationships to assess their alignment with my core values.

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