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Clear Your Storage

Occasionally I will attempt to perform a routine task on my smartphone, and it won’t work. I’ll get an alert saying the reason is that my phone storage is almost at capacity, so I need to free up some space. When I go to my settings to review my storage, it shows me the types of files and applications that are at fault and the amount of space that each is occupying. I was offered a few recommendations to solve this problem. These included deleting old conversations and large attachments. This made me think about how in life, there are certain things that we want to do, be, or have that seem to elude us, and perhaps it’s because there are already too many things taking up space that we need to release. Let’s take a look at how we can turn these literal recommendations into mindset shifting strategies. Assess Your Capacity. During my group coaching session last week, I had the members draw a bar similar to the one in our phone storage. They divided the bar into sections to represent what was taking up mental and emotional space. They then considered a few questions that I invite you to reflect upon as well. How much storage space are you using? Are you near or at capacity? What’s taking up the most space? Delete Old Conversations. Beneath the recommendation to delete old conversations, our phones give us the option to enable an auto delete feature which automatically removes messages that were sent or received over a year ago. This made me think about some of the stories, complaints or self-limiting beliefs that have been playing on loop in our heads since the onset of the pandemic related to the challenges that it presented. Many of those mental or actual conversations are no longer relevant or helpful and often keep us stuck in a place where we have the power to exit at any time. What old internal or external conversations is it time for you to delete to make more space? Delete Large Attachments. In our phone, attachments are images, videos and other files. In life this may look like holding on to an outdated vision of what we hope for something or someone to be, or what they once were but no longer are. Attachments can also look like relationships or opportunities that no longer serve you. What large attachments do you need to delete to increase your capacity? This week I challenge you to intentionally make space for what you want to invite into your life by clearing your mental and emotional storage. Give yourself the capacity to receive the life of your dreams. Manifestation Affirmations I am addressing the impact that my energetic intake has on me internally. I am deleting old conversations to free up my mental storage space. I am releasing large attachments to increase my emotional capacity.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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