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Consider Your Capacity

Have you ever gotten deep into your day and realized that you did not schedule time for your basic needs? You’ve made and honored so many commitments that you did not leave space for meals, bathroom breaks, or simply a moment of still silence to take a deep breath. Just because there is time in your day or space on your calendar, it doesn’t always mean that you are truly available. We owe it to ourselves to take an honest look at our capacity as a means of self-preservation. As you continue to grow and do your personal work, more and more opportunities will appear in your life. This is exciting, especially when those opportunities are connected to purposes that you are passionate about. Regardless of our level of passion, sometimes we simply don’t have the capacity. Capacity doesn’t only mean literal time. When we consider our capacity, this also includes the physical, intellectual, and emotional energy necessary to carry out tasks and responsibilities with excellence. Here are a few concrete ways to consider your capacity. The Values Filter. Get clear on your core values and use them as a filter to make decisions about what opportunities you should agree to. My core values are learning, connection, and creativity. If I am presented with an opportunity that doesn’t align with one or more of these values, it may be an indicator that I need to decline with gratitude. Use this list from Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead program to identify your core values. The Yes Test. Put all of your opportunities, responsibilities, and commitments on separate Post It notes or index cards. Now take three blank cards and use them as labels at the top of three columns that you will sort the others into. The column titles are “Hell Yes!”, “Yes,” and “No.” Anything that doesn’t end up in the “Hell Yes!” column is probably a “No.” You can also simply ask yourself this question when presented with a decision, choice, or opportunity. “Is it a ‘Hell Yes!’?”, if not, then you probably don’t have the capacity. Read more about this concept in my previous blog post called, The Yes Test. The Passion vs. Capacity Grid. Divide a large piece of flip chart paper into four quadrants. Along the left side, label the lower left quadrant, “Not Passionate” and the top left quadrant, “Passionate.” Along the bottom, write “No Capacity” beneath the lower left quadrant, and “Capacity” below the bottom right quadrant. Now take those same Post It Notes or index cards that you created for The Yes Test, and sort them into those quadrants. For example, if you are not passionate about and have no capacity for washing dishes, the Post It note with that written on it will end up in the bottom left quadrant. Once you are finished, take a look at what ended up in the top right quadrant. This is the sweet spot where your passion and capacity intersect. Delegate, eliminate, or release with love any of the items that fell into the other three quadrants. This week, I challenge you to use one or more of these strategies to truly consider your capacity as it relates to what you are already committed to, and as new opportunities come your way. Make space for the rest and reflection that is necessary to show up as your best self in all that you do. This intentional attention to self will enhance the impact and experiences of those who are within your care. Manifestation Affirmations I am showing up as my best self. I am making space for rest and reflection. I am committed to excellence.

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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