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Create Your Curriculum

Last year I was so overwhelmed with work and emotionally draining personal matters that I felt too exhausted to dream. This year my intentional focus on rest and healing has cleared space for my imagination to run wild and free once again. With the availability of this additional creative capacity, I’ve started to envision acquiring a building that will serve as an inspiring community space to host my workshops, retreats, and coaching experiences. This moved me to create what I call a living vision board. Traditionally, we create vision boards by clipping pictures and words that we want to manifest and pasting them on a poster board. I took this practice to the next level by creating a coaching experience where we paint a canvas then using the decoupage method to seal the pictures over the colors to create a work of art. I’ve decided to elevate this idea even further by planning and participating in experiences that allow me to feel what I want to create in real life. The building I envision for the future of my work is an historic building that can also be used for lodging or event rentals when I am not using it as an office. This prompted me to visit places with a similar vibe as a part of my living vision board practice. I started with a stunning local establishment this past Friday to immerse myself in this energy that I want to attract. This is all an extension of my identity as a lifelong learner. I love to create assignments, lesson plans, learning checks, and field trips for myself that continue my personal and professional growth. Here are some strategies to support you as you create your curriculum. Optimal Objectives. Start with getting clear on what you hope to achieve from your curriculum creation experience. Identify what you want to be able to do, learn, or feel at the end of your quest. I think of this as selecting and setting the themes for your learning adventure. The curriculum I’m creating in this season of my life is focused on healing, joy, ease, and flow. What are your learning intentions for this season of your life? Curate Your Content. Imagine having been able to design your formal education based on your interests and how you learn best. You can do that now. I have listened to a series of audio books, watched documentaries, planned adult field trips and more. This meets my need for active learning where I experience content in a variety of ways. Curating your content might look like planning your list of books to read or listen to, coordinating field trips, scheduling conversations with interesting people, and infusing music, movement, and art. Based on your learning style, what content are you excited to curate as you create your curriculum? Identify Your Instructors. Think about who you would love to learn from. These could be people you already have access to like friends and family, colleagues and community members, or advisors and elders. They can also be people who you can access through books, videos, or online platforms. I love going down a rabbit hole when I find an author or speaker whose work I love by reading all of their books and listening to all of their interviews. Your instructors can also be counselors, coaches, or mentors who have experience and expertise in the subjects you desire to master. Who will be your guide on the side? This week I challenge you to create your curriculum. Decide what you want to focus on and design a learning and growth journey that delights your soul. Manifestation Affirmations I am suspended in a state of ease and flow. I am designing experiences that elevate my growth. I am inviting inspiring instructors on my healing journey.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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