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Decision Doors

When we are faced with decisions, it is important to examine how our feelings impact our actions. The mental or emotional space that we are in matters when it comes to making decisions that add value to our personal and professional lives.

If we are feeling fearful or a sense of lack, we may make decisions from a place of desperation. This leads to us saying yes to smallness because we feel that there is not enough so we better take whatever we can get. This may look like taking on work that we don’t really want to do or agreeing to rates or discounts that don’t reflect our true worth. Personally, this may show up as engagement in relationships that are out of alignment because we don’t believe that we deserve more.

I invite you to be more intentional about what you access to make your decisions. I envision this like choosing doors through which you enter into agreements that serve your highest good. Here are a few strategies to consider as you design your decision doors.

Delight Door. When I am supporting my clients in setting goals, I invite them to engage in activities that will delight their soul. Everything doesn’t always have to be hard. While it may not be easy, we can choose meaningful work that excites us and ignites our passion. To make sure I am living in this place of delight, when I am faced with any choice, I ask myself a powerful question that I learned long ago, “Is it a hell yes!?” If it’s not, then it is probably a “No.”

What decision would delight your soul?

Access Abundance. When you’ve lived in environments where there is not enough food, money, or other important resources, you may have a skewed view of what is possible and available to you. Even when circumstances change, we may still be living in and operating from a scarcity mindset. We can access abundance when we make decisions from a place of overflow. Imagine entering into agreements with the belief that you are enough, you have enough, and there is more than enough. This would allow you to say no to things that are not for you and make space for the things you really want to say yes to.

How will you close the door to scarcity and open the door to abundance?

Core Corridor. Imagine a hallway with three or more doors. Each door is labeled with one of your values. Opening each door will unlock the answers to the direction you must take to honor who you are at your core. I love to use my values as a decision-making filter. When I am unsure about an opportunity, I ask myself if it will allow me to lean into and express my values freely. If not, it’s not for me.

What are your values telling you?

This week I challenge you to examine the space from which you are making decisions. If your choices are coming from a place of fear, lack, scarcity, or desperation, I invite you to adjust toward abundance, value, and delight.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am doing things that delight my soul.

I am accessing the abundance that is available to me.

I am consulting my core as I make important choices and decisions.

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