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Deep Soul Dive

Throughout the course of my life and career I’ve been able to identify ripe opportunities for growth that simultaneously meet the needs of the moment. In these instances, I’ve made it a practice to do what I call deep soul dives. When I was sick of financial instability, I immersed myself in books and lectures on financial literacy. When the fields of education, youth development, and business realized that soft skills were just as if not more important than academic achievement, I took a lengthy leap into the sea of social and emotional learning. That deep work opened the door for me to answer the call to be a national coach for a major initiative on that same subject. In the press release I was described as one of four national experts who were charged with this important task. This inspired me to take an even deeper dive into all related topics (Restorative Practices, Trauma Informed Care, etc.) that would make me a stronger coach and quiet the nagging imposter syndrome that I felt creeping in. I’ve engaged in this form of soul submersion with so many other areas including but not limited to real estate, mental health, stock market investing, black history before slavery (since it was never taught in school), and most recently, diversity, equity, and inclusion. The result of these exploratory adventures has been an increase in my marketable skills, confidence, and my personal and professional growth. In hindsight, they have also served as a powerful mental health strategy in that they have substantially decreased my stress and anxiety that often appears when I feel unprepared or inadequate. Those feelings have been replaced with joy because learning is one of my core values. When faced with a challenge, opportunity, or decision that feels overwhelming, taking a deep soul dive may produce the answers you seek. Often, the subject that needs to be mastered is your knowledge, understanding, and awareness of self. This is particularly true in areas where you feel discomfort. These are the perfect places to insert self-reflection. Here are a few strategies to support you as you prepare for your first or next deep soul dive. Curriculum Creation. A few years ago, I thought I might want to go back to school to get my PhD. In my research I had several conversations with respected friends and colleagues who had obtained their doctoral degree. One response stood out to me and helped me to make my final decision. “You have to be willing to give up six years of the quality of your life.” That statement inspired me to create my own advanced curriculum for all the things that I was intrinsically motivated to study. What is something you deeply desire that seems to be eluding you? How might you design your own unique curriculum for that topic? Passion Prescription. When we go to the doctor for our physical or mental health conditions, they have the power to write a prescription for medication that will help to treat the symptoms or heal the affliction. You have the authority to prescribe your own manifestation medication. This might look like increasing the dosage of conversations, experiences, or environments that reignite your spark for whatever you are most passionate about. What might it look like to write out the regimen, directions, and treatment plan for your unique remedy? Confidence Calculation. In my coaching sessions, I love making things plain for my clients by using numbers. When we look at the outcome of something we hope to accomplish, we may feel tempted to shrink at the expansiveness of it. But what if we broke it all the way down into steps, timelines, and other manageable bits. For example, one of my clients felt intimidated by coming up with the $3000.00 she needed for a down payment on a very important investment for the growth of her business. So, I had her write down a list of thirty people who would give her $100. Immediately her mood shifted and not only was she able to think of people who would give her $100, but several who would gladly offer more, which made her list to accomplish her goal even shorter. This simple calculation increased her confidence and secured her success in reaching her goal. How might you break down one of your larger goals into smaller and simpler pieces? This week I challenge you to select an area of interest to take a deep soul dive. Create a plan that feels like a whole-body hell yes! Work those components and steps to support you in achieving the desires, confidence, and joy that once seemed out of your reach. Manifestation Affirmations I am doing the deep work of self-reflection to increase self-awareness. I am creating my own curriculum for what I want to see and who I want to be in the world. I am confident and capable.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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