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Distraction Deconstruction

This week I am facing the deadline for a major project that I’ve been working on for months. At the onset of the project, I dove right into the necessary research and crafted a well thought out plan, all fueled by the excitement around the opportunity to do such important work. Halfway through the process I hit a wall built out of bricks based on my beliefs and experiences that halted my progress. The first batch of bricks were crafted from the symptoms of sickness. Not only did a case of COVID-19 take me down physically, but the mental toll was far more vicious than the flu-like symptoms that I experienced. The next set of bricks were made of all the self-defeating and soul depleting thoughts and questions associated with imposter syndrome. Why did they choose me for such an important task? Can I do it well? Will I do it right? Will they like what I’ve done? The final bunch of bricks that sealed my psychological blockage were whittled from worry about getting the work done by the deadline. I finally decided that it was time to deconstruct the complicated wall that I’d built by facing the truth and the facts at hand. First, I leaned into my core value of connection by spending quality time with friends and loved ones whose conversations gave me inspiration and energy. Next, I cleared my schedule for the week leading up to the deadline and mapped out a plan which broke the larger task down into smaller chunks that I would complete each day. Finally, I curated spaces where I could work with minimal distractions and easy access to the resources and materials I would need. I’ve been jamming and cranking out content ever since and I am on track to complete the project by the deadline. Here are a few strategies to consider when you need to deconstruct the mental distractions that reveal themselves when you are faced with a daunting or seemingly impossible task. Honor Your Humanity. The increase in the use of technology over the last few years does not make you a robot. Honor the basic human needs that make you whole and resist the expectation to always be on. Rest and reflection are an important part of any worthwhile process, project, or product. It is not necessary to be in constant output mode all the time. The Chip Away Plan. When I was faced with some financial struggles, a friend gave me the most valuable advice. She told me to do what she called The Chip Away Plan. Instead of letting the enormity of bills and debts owed overwhelm me to the point of paralysis, she suggested that I chip away at each bill by paying what I could in smaller amounts until one day they would be paid off. Clear the Clutter. When we have fears about facing something that we know must be done, we tend to fill our lives with tons of tiny distractions that take away the time and energy we need to focus on the main goal. Be mindful about how random busyness like commutes, non-urgent chores, draining conversations, and meetings for the sake of meeting are clogging up the conduits to clarity that you need to create. This week I challenge you to deconstruct the distractions that have created a wall between you and the things you want to accomplish. Break it down brick by brick to gain the vision and clarity necessary to see the manifestation of your dreams and desires. Manifestation Affirmations I am honoring my humanity by minimizing my engagement with technology. I am competent, capable, and created to do great things. I am protecting my peace by taking my time and doing things one step at a time.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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