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Elevation Etiquette

This weekend I went on a relaxing adventure to Santa Fe, New Mexico. On the journey from the airport our driver educated us on the effects that the elevation would have on us during our stay. Santa Fe is 7,000 feet above sea level. He advised us to stay hydrated and let us know that we might experience headaches or shortness of breath. This made me think of Will Smith’s memoir where he talked about how similar to the discomfort we feel in higher altitudes, as his career elevated, there were some people who simply couldn’t make the climb. They had traveled with him on his journey for quite some time, but as he reached advanced professional levels, they figuratively couldn’t breathe. We will reach points in our work and our lives where we will be required to rise, and it may make us feel uneasy. Here are a few strategies to support you on your climb. Stabilize to Rise. When we checked into our accommodations the host greeted us with a cup of chlorophyll water to soothe any altitude sickness symptoms, like nausea, that we may have been feeling. As my business grows, I have used literal elixirs like lavender or lemon balm tea to soothe feelings of anxiety. I’m also intentional about connecting and sharing space with people who have calming energy to keep me grounded and centered. Altitude Adjustment. When we returned to Albuquerque to catch our flight home, we immediately felt the difference because the altitude was almost 2000 feet lower than Santa Fe. When you’ve been working or taking care of others in high gear for an extended amount of time, coming down might look like using a few of those vacation or sick days you’ve been stacking up to take a break. It could mean spending less time on the phone with people who drain you or get you riled up. Or it could simply be spending more time sleeping or sitting still. Pressure Release. One of the attractions that Santa Fe is known for is hot air balloons, and that is probably the best way to describe how my body felt during my first day there. When we are feeling pressured or stretched to capacity, we must identify ways to release the pressure. On this trip I had the beautiful opportunity to spend hours engaging in stimulating girl talk with trusted friends. I felt emotionally and psychologically safe and I was able to be completely vulnerable. As a result, I felt seen, heard, and understood in a way that left me feeling inspired and energized. This week I challenge you to use one of these strategies or to create your own Elevation Etiquette. Consider the practices that you might put in place to support you as you rise. Manifestation Affirmations I am connected to calming energy. I am honoring breaks and rest as an important part of the process. I am engaging in communities where I feel free to be me.

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