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Embracing Enough

In the book, Five Wishes by Gay Hendricks, the author invites readers to identify the things they wished they would have accomplished if they were on their deathbed and turn them into goals. As I thought about what my wishes might be, I realized that there is not one more material thing I want or need that could make me any happier than I am at present. This inspired me to contemplate the following question.

In a world where we are constantly encouraged to do, consume, and acquire more, what is enough?

My reflection revealed a few strategies that will support us all on our journey of embracing enough.

Strategic Settling. While ambition, goals, achievements, and acquisitions are celebrated and encouraged, the incessant pursuit of them can cause exhaustion and undue stress. Last week I read Life Coaching for Successful Women by Valorie Burton and she posed a very powerful question.

“Is perfection or endless ambition stealing your joy?”

She helped me to reframe the idea of settling. We can strategically decide and delight in what we deem to be enough instead of constantly pursuing the next thing that we think will make us feel more fulfilled.

What might you release to reclaim your joy?

Creation Inspiration. I used to feel like I always had to be doing something productive. This year after intentionally scaling back, I’ve learned that a lot of my best inspiration for creation comes during the down times. When I’m relaxing, reading, walking in nature, or traveling for pleasure, I find creative sparks everywhere. This is where most of the content for my writing and coaching is born.

What might you release to make space for creative inspiration?

Delight Your Day Ones. Your “Day Ones” are people who have been by your side from the start. The book Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley talks about this in the business world. He advises that instead of always chasing and directing our energy towards the next sale or sign up, we should make sure that we are intentional about delighting our existing clients.

How might you appreciate and celebrate those who are there for you right now instead of seeking the approval and acceptance of those who don’t seem to see your true value?

This week I challenge you to determine what your enough looks like and embrace it to reclaim your joy.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am releasing the hustle and grind to reclaim my joy.

I am making space in my schedule for creative inspiration.

I am delighting my day ones who have been by my side from the start.

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