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Energy Budget

This year after spending a huge chunk of my holiday not feeling well, I attempted to coax myself into a chipper “New Year New You” vibe. That prompted a powerful moment of reflection which in turn sparked the realization that I’ve allowed the residue of resentments to rob me of my enthusiasm and energy. While there is certainly no shortage of things to be sad or angry about, I’ve exhausted myself by directing my energy and attention in those directions at the expense of things that are far more important to me. Since energy is also known as currency, this made me think about how we spend our money. I was well into adulthood before I truly understood the purpose of a budget. I knew the basic premise and definition, but I had never applied that knowledge and transferred it into wisdom until I started working with a financial coach. Before I invested in that professional support, I would always bring in more than enough income for my basic necessities and fixed expenses, yet I would still find myself right at the limit or in the negative when it came to my account balances. Think of rest, sleep, nourishing food and drink, time in nature, and the company of aligned and caring companions as the income that funds your energetic bank account. Now imagine the amount of energy needed for taking care of yourself and others, work, as well other interests and responsibilities as the line items for which the funds need to be distributed. What happens when you spend more than you have the means for, or all of it, in just one of those places, or on something or someone else that’s not even accounted for? To liberate ourselves from energetic debt and avoid emotional bankruptcy I’ve developed a few strategies to support you (and me) in creating and honoring a balanced energy budget. Metacognition Meditation. Set aside some time to think about what you spend your time thinking about. This is what I call formulating your rumination ratio. How much energy are you allocating to being present versus thinking about your past, your future, things outside of your control, or things that may never happen? What is taking up the most space? What is not getting enough, if any energy at all? How does the amount of energy you give to these things impact your mental and physical health and wellbeing? Once you identify your spending in each area, use what you discover to determine where you will adjust and allot your emotional assets. What might you discover during your metacognition meditation? Repurpose Rage. Every emotion serves a purpose. They arrive to send us a message. So, the intent here is not to stifle or to suppress the very valid emotion of anger. Instead, I invite us to feel and acknowledge this powerful emotion and repurpose the energy that it brings to fuel the feelings that we desire. Take respite from the fatigue that accompanies rage by assigning more time to the joy line item in your budget. For me this looks dancing, walking, or other forms of intense exercise accompanied by great music to help move the trapped energy and anger through and out of my body. For others this may look like energy invested engaging in activism or community service that supports a cause dedicated to solving the societal ills that activate your rage. How will you repurpose your rage? Energetic Expense Audit. Every year I facilitate a group coaching session focused on financial literacy. I lead an activity where I have participants list all of the things they spend their money on in typical a month. They then make a note next to each item based on whether it is a need or necessity, versus a want or desire. Making room for what you desire is not a bad thing, but it’s important to assess the cost. Is there an energetic return on these investments, or are they depleting your energy or causing harm? Use this same type of process to assess your energy budget. Who or what are you spending your time on? What is the level of risk or return on these investments of your energy? How might you allot more energy to the things and people that sustain and nourish you? What are the findings from conducting your energy audit? This week I challenge you to review and redistribute the funds in your energy budget. Think of it as creating a feelings forecast for the emotional freedom you want to experience in the new year. Manifestation Affirmations I am reclaiming my role as the captain of my cognition and navigating my thoughts in the direction of my desired destinations. I am releasing the residue of rage and resentment and repurposing it to expand my capacity for clarity and creativity. I am conducting an energetic expense audit to ensure that my emotional investments are viable.

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