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Enhance Your Enjoyment

Lean is the line between the things we love to do and the burden of obligation. Activities that started off as stress relievers can become stress inducing when we focus on forcing rather than allowing flow. This became clear to me on New Year’s Eve. Normally I spend hours creating an intricately elaborate vision board to celebrate the transition from one year to the next. Just as I was about to assemble my art supplies and favorite snacks, I paused to check in with myself. What was once a delight felt more like a duty. So, I scrapped what had been my go to plans for years and let my soul lead me through the night. What I found was an abundance of joy buried in a whole heap of nothingness. I lounged around, watched movies, sent mushy text messages to my friends, and it felt fabulous! This confirmed something I’ve been feeling lately. Just because something has always been done a certain way, it doesn’t mean that it must continue. Here are a few strategies to support you as you examine how you might disrupt hindrances to your happiness that are disguised as helpful habits. Change Check. A great indicator that it is time for a change is when something that felt fun before now feels like work or a chore. Prolonged uncertainty and challenging times may leave you losing interest in things that once excited you. You don’t have to continue. Audit the activities you do daily and sort them into two columns; delight or drag. Ditch the duties that have become a drag and free yourself from forcing that old feeling that has long departed. What’s one task you can eliminate that initially brought you joy but has become more like work? Cliché Cancelation. Why would anyone ever want to kill one bird, much less two, and as brutally as with a stone large enough to murder them both at the same time? I propose eliminating multitasking instead of continuing the cliché of killing two birds with one stone. Many Januarys ago, I applied for a job at a gym to meet the dual purpose of making income and achieving my fitness goals. Halfway through the interview I decided that my health and wellbeing was worthy of my singular focus. To make it a job would surely detract from the delight of my desired destination. That year I went on to accomplish the most successful fitness achievements of my adult life. What cliché is it time to cancel? Feeling of the Year. Many of you have probably already identified your word of the year. How many of your words represent a feeling or name an emotion? When asked how we feel, our answers are often terms like ‘fine’ or ‘busy’ which are not feelings at all. What if instead of a word of the year, we focused on a feeling of the year? As much as I am steeped in work related to feelings, I still have trouble when it comes to naming my own emotions. If you can relate, then it may help to start with what you no longer want to feel and then identify the emotional opposite. For example, I no longer want to feel rushed or overwhelmed. A word that represents the opposite of these for me is ease. When I reference the feelings wheel, the most closely aligned terms that I can use to name my desired emotion are peaceful or calm. What is your feeling word for the year? This week I challenge you to disrupt your loyalty to activities that started in the name of joy, but now feel more like obligations, duties, or work. Enhance your enjoyment by releasing what no longer works and embracing the simple things that invite delight. Manifestation Affirmations I am releasing things that no longer spark joy. I am focusing on the simple things that delight my soul. I am allowing my soul to lead me into a state of blissful flow.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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