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Find Your Focus Word

After intense work weeks, one way that I love to decompress is by binge watching seasons of shows that I never had the time to watch when they were popular. Over these last few weeks, I’ve been binge watching the show Girlfriends. In this series, one of the main characters talks about finding an enchanted love. This piqued my interest because I love selecting words that represent how I want to feel.

Since that day, the word enchanted has been one that I’ve focused on to guide my days, weeks, and the months ahead. I think that sometimes we can get so wrapped up in productivity and responsibility that we forget to make time for fun and excitement.

What’s your word?

Here are a few strategies to support you in selecting and leaning into the power of finding your focus word.

Faux Feelings. Whenever I’m selected or requested for a big business project, a tiny bit of imposter syndrome creeps in. In these instances, my actual feelings might be fear or insecurity, so I select words like confident or competent which represent how I want to feel. I write these words at the top of the page in my planner as I map out my day each morning.

Visiting Value. I have three solid values in which all of my decisions and behaviors are rooted, but as life, circumstances, and desires change, I occasionally host visiting values. Your focus word might be a visiting value that you infuse into how you move through the days for which it has been designated.

Subconscious Sentences. Who remembers getting in trouble in school and having to write several of the same sentences as punishment? Since I loved to write, this disciplinary action was a delight for me. I also found the repetition to be meditative. Now that I know about the research behind the subconscious mind, I've realized that this may be a powerful practice for inviting or attracting what we want into our lives. Simply insert your focus word into an affirmation or mantra and fill a page with it. You can even get creative and do this in calligraphy, cursive, or some other form of beautiful lettering to turn it into a work of art.

This week I challenge you to select a word that represents how you want to feel, what you want to do, and who you want to be. Use that word as a guide to design a life you love.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am enchanted.

I am engaging in enchanting activities.

I am finding and facilitating the feelings that I want to invite into my life.

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