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Find Your Freedom

Last week I had plans to visit my friend’s new retreat center for a one-day mini vacation. Initially, every other day that week was booked with speaking engagements, facilitating team retreats for organizations, and leading group coaching sessions in the community. Suddenly, some last-minute shifts in my schedule freed up the day before and the day after my solo retreat. Instead of opening up my calendar and filling those days with clients and meetings, I decided to turn this beautiful instance into an impromptu adventure. I did an online search for the best places to visit in Michigan. One of the top recommendations happened to be right along the route on my journey across the state. It was a beautiful and expansive beach with sugary sand housed in a state park. After checking into a local hotel, I headed to the beach with a book and a goal to see the sunset. I spent hours reading while suspended in a state of heightened stimulation. I felt the warm wind on my skin, soaked in the sun, and listened to the soothing sound of crashing waves while cradled in mounds of soft sand. As the day wound down and the sun began its patient and peaceful descent a powerful memory and realization struck me. For years I had been thinking, writing, and speaking about how I wanted to build my business to the point where I could spend my days laying around on beaches reading books. I was in the midst of the manifestation of the reality of my dreams. I had intentionally put in the work to design a life that supported such delight and flexibility. I had found my freedom. Here are a few strategies to support you as you manifest your dreams, and so you won’t miss the moment when those dreams become your reality. Practice What You Teach. During my travels I listened to the book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza. He talked about how he reached a point in his career where he had so many speaking engagements and other related business commitments that he no longer had time for his own practice of the healing modalities that he had been teaching. I always write and speak about the healing energies of nature and taking breaks for mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. This week I not only modeled that message, but I was also reminded of the remarkable rewards. I experienced an overwhelming sense of peace and joy that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. What are you teaching that you need to take time to practice? From Make-Believe to Believer. Follow the example of children and make time for make-believe. Use your creativity and imagination to see where you want to be before it is your material reality. This magical mental creation is the very thing that will call it forth. What is the destination of your daydreams? Remember Your Why. In my guided meditation this morning the instructor asked, “What is your why?” I was stumped initially which made me realize that sometimes we get so caught up in the daily responsibilities of life that we forget what we are doing it all for. Make the memories and don’t miss out on the moments that give your work and your life meaning. What is your 'why?' This week I challenge you to set aside time to play, rest, explore, and dream to find your freedom. Manifestation Affirmations I am practicing what I teach. I am mastering the art of make-believe. I am making memories and savoring the moments that give my work and life meaning.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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