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Find Your Pace to Finish

Exercise is my medicine. I've found it to be the most effective tool to manage my mental health, stress, and anxiety. I'm grateful to have found workouts that are fun with the right amount of challenge which motivates me to stay committed. My gym offers intense, fast paced classes that are set to upbeat music. The highly skilled instructors push us to our limits physically and mentally. Imagine kickboxing, lifting weights, or spinning to the best dance music in a dark room illuminated by colored lights and a disco ball. There is even an occasional live drummer or DJ who adds to the excitement of the atmosphere as we workout to the enhanced beats.   There are several occasions in each class when the instructor will have us do the movements really fast to keep time with the beat. Over the years, I’ve noticed that when I move that quickly, or what is called double time in the dance and music world, my muscles get tired and I feel compelled to quit far before the set is complete. When I have pushed through the pain, I noticed that I would resort to doing the repetitions incorrectly thus increasing the likelihood of injury. In order to persevere, I had to find another way. Eventually, I began to do the exercises at my own pace. I was still in time with the music, I just moved at what is called half time, instead of double time. This allowed me to see things through to the end with proper form. I could still experience the benefits of the strength training and the satisfaction of completion. This is much like life. In order to do what we perceive is necessary to “keep up,” we feel the need to rush, or in some cases, increase the weight in an attempt to find the fastest route to optimal results. Going at that unrealistic pace causes us to burn out fast and quit before we reach the finish line, or get hurt and be forced to stop to heal. We do this with school, work, relationships and even with passion projects that are meant to be savored and enjoyed. We are so attached to the outcome, that the process becomes a blur and what was once a harmless path becomes filled with dangerous obstacles due to the speed at which we travel. Sometimes finishing fast and first still leads to failure because the cost is that you’ve lost the momentum or ability to continue on to the next task. A slow and steady pace enables us to finish strong with our energy and health intact for the next adventure. This week I challenge you to take your time. Release the need to go so hard that you lose your zest to do what’s next. An abundance of brilliant beats exist within this beautiful music that we call life. We can follow whichever rhythm we choose; it doesn’t always have to be the double time beat. Find your pace to finish.

Manifestation Affirmations I am the conductor of the orchestra that is my life. I am the choreographer of my movement through life. I am slowing down to speed up.

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love

Most Sincerely,

Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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