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From Force to Flow

The increase in time we’ve been spending at home has provided a ripe opportunity to learn new skills and engage in online experiences for which we might not otherwise have had the capacity. My love for learning led me to take a deep dive into multiple subjects and opportunities. Soon I found myself in an information overload induced stupor.

This digital dizziness reminded me of the feeling I got on that ride at local carnivals or fairs where you stood against the wall of a huge cylinder that started off by spinning slowly. As the speed increased, the floor dropped out, but you did not fall. You found yourself stuck to the wall unable to move. This was possible because the ride was moving at three times the speed of gravity which activated centrifugal force.

Between the news, social media, podcasts, books and the online programs I signed up for, I began to feel psychologically paralyzed. I had hit a wall and was stuck there, just like that ride, unable to apply any of the information I had been inundated with.

This rapid rate of consumption can suck us in if we are not mindful about what we ingest. Even positive information and activities can overwhelm us to the point of inertia.

Here are a few strategies that I use to counter the force that pulls me into distracting directions and that help me to move back into the flow of meaningful action.

Slow down. The reason the ride was able to keep us stuck was because it was going so fast. It would not have had that same e

ffect if we were to slow down. For years we’ve been led to believe that multi-tasking is a useful and admirable skill. We thought it would help us to get more things done quickly. Unfortunately, when we practice this, nothing gets our full attention and care. Just because multiple opportunities are available, it doesn’t mean we have to chase them all. Sometimes the very thing we need to get unstuck is to slow down and focus on one thing at a time.

Stop. Once that ride reached its highest speed, the only way you were able to break free from the force it created was for it to stop. Occasionally we must stop the things things that suck us in like social media scrolling and watching 24-hour news channels. This is not to say that you won’t return to these things again, but to find our center and ground ourselves, it may take stepping away all together u

ntil we are able to stand more firmly.

Skip the Ride. We don’t have to get on the ride to begin with. I’ve realized that my imposter syndrome (doubting my abilities or feeling like a fraud) shows up as me signing up for more and more programs and coaches. While lifelong learning and professional development are highly important and useful, they can be harmful when they are used as a distraction from believing in and acting upon what is already inside of us.

This week I challenge you to identify and examine what is sucking you in and keeping you stuck so that you can take action to find your footing and your flow once again.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am following my flow.

I am centered and grounded.

I have what I need inside of me.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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