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From Frenzy to Flow

Last week I did a Frenzy Assessment to measure how my weekly tasks and responsibilities were impacting my life. It was inspired by the work of Shawn A. Ginwright, PhD in his book, The Four Pivots. I was testing it out because it was a part of my plan for a team retreat that I was facilitating for an organization. In this activity you list all the things you do on a weekly basis, then score them from 1 to 5. On this continuum a 1 represents activities that feel miserable, and 5 represents activities that feel extremely enjoyable. You then use what you discover to consider what needs to be adjusted so you can begin the work of moving from frenzy to flow.

When my assessment was complete, I realized that most of the things that I engage with regularly feel more like flow than frenzy. This was encouraging because I have been intentional about living the approach that is at the foundation of my coaching practice, designing a life you love. I felt further affirmed when one of my executive coaching clients who attended the retreat said she got similar results on her assessment for the same reasons.

My life has shifted from frenzy to flow because now I focus more on the process and the journey than the destination. This enhances and extends my feelings of joy and gratitude and keeps me grounded in the present moment. It also helps me to avoid the trap of thinking that happiness is always based on the next big thing, or the thing that is just outside of my grasp.

Here are a few strategies to support you as you move from frenzy to flow.

Destination Discovery. As a part of my summer of healing and joy, I’ve set an intention to visit as many beaches as I can, and to find the best queso and margaritas along the way. This week I visited a new beach and a new restaurant, and while they weren’t as amazing as some of the ones I’d experienced in the previous weeks, I found my joy in the journey. I felt childlike excitement in the search and the discovery of these new destinations.

How might you shift your focus from the destination to the joy of discovery that happens along the way?

Fear Facing. The uncertainty of the pandemic greatly increased my anxiety and fear of going out to public places again. Long after restrictions were lifted, I continued to stay close to home. When I went on a mini beach retreat with my friend a few weeks ago, we engaged in an exercise to support us in facing our fears. Even though the water was cold and choppy, we decided to take the plunge to symbolize taking action toward the tough choices and hard decisions that needed to be made to move our work and our well being forward.

What fear is it time for you to face?

Feel the Flow. When I facilitate a multi-day retreat or professional development experience for my clients, I create a very intricate and detailed plan, but I also leave room for flexibility. I often like to feel the vibe and energy of a group on the first day, then shift my plans to meet their unique needs for the following days.

This makes me think of a time when my life was so full of frenzy that I swung the proverbial pendulum all the way to the other end of the spectrum and began overplanning everything to quell my anxiety. It helped initially, but eventually that rigidity became limiting and constricting which began to cause stress. So now I leave space to feel the flow as I go, and in this, I've found my freedom.

Where do you need to allow yourself to feel the flow?

This week I challenge you to assess how your daily and weekly activities are impacting your energy. Use what you discover to support you in beginning the important work of moving from frenzy to flow.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am creating space in my life for flexibility and flow.

I am brave. I face my fears to find my freedom.

I am elevating exploration, finding joy in the journey, and inviting pleasure in the process.

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