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From Missing Pieces to Masterpieces

During the holiday season last year, my dearest loved one was incarcerated. I knew that I would miss him, but I thought it would be manageable since the complicated multiyear process leading up to him leaving gave me time to accept his ultimate absence. Nothing could have prepared me for the depths of the despair that I felt when the time came. I can’t begin to imagine or pretend that I know what it was like for him to be stripped of his freedom and rights in that way, but anyone who has had an incarcerated loved one knows that you also end up locked your own emotional prison.  In addition to my usual methods of managing stress such as exercising, writing and talking with my coach, who also happens to be a therapist, I decided to purchase a 1000-piece puzzle to work on while he was away. The picture on the puzzle was that of a mesmerizing ocean sunset, one of my favorite places for mediation and escape. Focusing on assembling the intricate array of pieces soothed me and took my mind off of my sorrow.   My grief was compounded because the loss or leaving of loved ones had been a painful recurring theme in my life. This puzzle had healing powers because in a way, it made me feel like I was putting all of my broken pieces back together. When I finished the puzzle, three pieces were missing. The picture wasn’t perfectly complete, but it was no less beautiful, and I felt no less accomplished. The missing pieces actually inspired me to create a work of art. I would paint an oversized canvas red, then glue the puzzle on top. This would make the empty spaces pop with the color of love and remind me to remain grateful that my loved one has returned.  There is beauty in your blank spaces and missing pieces. Like that puzzle, you will have missing or broken pieces, but that doesn’t make you any less beautiful or complete. In fact, those imperfections may be the very thing that sets you apart and leads to your purpose and greatness in this life. A jigsaw puzzle represents all of the separate aspects of our life that come together to make a coherent picture. If your current picture is incoherent, how might you positively shift the narrative to complete your story? This week I challenge to give gratitude for the 997 beautiful things in your life that are working and find the pleasure and purpose in the 3 missing pieces.  Turn your missing pieces into masterpieces.  Manifestation Affirmations I am perfectly imperfect. There is purpose in my pain. I am the artist of the masterpiece that is my life. 

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones

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