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Get Caught

I have vivid memories of going to the beach with my family as a child. One day, high winds whisked our beloved little inner tubes into the deep waters. We tried to chase them but couldn’t catch them. Some older children offered to try to catch them for us, but my mother cried out to them, “Let them go!” She didn’t want them to risk their lives trying to save something that was replaceable. It’s ironic because we were chasing something that was meant to save our lives, but continuing that pursuit under those conditions may have caused the very harm it was meant to prevent. I thought of this story when a client told me about how she was doing sales for a company and she felt like she was constantly chasing down clients, trying to convince them to buy the products. At the same time, she was being chased by clients who wanted the services she could provide in another area in which she was highly skilled. When she shared this with a colleague in her sales position, they pointed out that she lit up when she talked about this other thing. She stopped chasing what was running from her and turned around to embrace what had been chasing her all along. Now she has a thriving business that she loves based on that unique skill. What are you chasing? What’s chasing you? Perhaps it’s time to press pause on the race toward that thing that continues to elude you and surrender to your gifts and talents that have been trying to catch your attention. Look back, what has been there at your heels all along? Here are a few strategies to consider as you prepare to get caught. Skill Surrender. There is something so tantalizing about trying to prove to yourself and others that you can do that thing that seems impossible. For years I toggled between trying to become the best model, author, and real estate professional. I enjoyed the process of learning each field, but the success that I desired always seemed to be just outside of my grasp. After growing sick of the struggle, I decided to divest all my attention from those ventures and invest all my focus into the thing I loved and did best. Facilitating and coaching had always been my side gig, but when I made it my main thing, my career, and the quality of my life soared. Look Back. Whatever you chase, will run. So, what if you stopped to look back at what has been trying to catch you all along? Reflect on the things that have always come naturally to you, or the things to which you’ve always been drawn. Since I can remember, I’ve always had a love for music, art, and movement. As a facilitator and coach, I decided to incorporate those things into my approach, and it has been what has set my work apart. I also feel liberated by leaning into my true gifts, talents, and interests instead of chasing what someone else thinks coaching, and facilitation “should” be or look like. Embrace Your Pace. Have you ever caught something you’d been chasing only to realize that it didn’t bring the happiness that you thought would be guaranteed? Look at your life and notice the things and people that are by your side and have your back. Be present with that which is keeping pace with your progress as they are probably the things that are most aligned with your values. This week I challenge you to surrender to the things that you do best and love the most. Let go and get caught in your flow. Manifestation Affirmations I am releasing the chase and surrendering to the flow. I am remembering what I love and what lights me up. I am embracing the present moment.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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