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One of the greatest myths that our minds trick us into believing is that we have to do life all alone. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we must work hard to win, and we should be able to figure it all out without asking for help. With that thinking, you may reach some levels of success, but you can only go so far. After spending years focusing on doing my own soul work, my business began to grow exponentially, but eventually, I hit a ceiling. It was like planting a tree in a small glass box. No matter how much money or how many opportunities came my way, I only had the capacity to accept or receive a portion of that fortune. I am only one person and I could only be in one place at one time. I also had to remember that I am not a robot or superhuman, so at times I would get sick or lose my voice, and my voice is a huge part of my line of work. For years I’d entertained the idea of hiring an assistant or building more streamlined and automated systems, but that felt like more work piled on top of my extremely long task list and busy schedule. I couldn’t imagine when I would have the time or energy to stop and figure all of these things out. Eventually, I had no choice. I was drowning in the mounting stress and anxiety which adversely affected the things that usually gave me energy back like my relationships and healthy habits. I had to shift my mindset to make room for the belief that there was a better way. That mindset shift occurred when I attended a program called Operations School where I learned how to delegate, automate and put systems in place that would allow my work and thus my life to flow much more smoothly. My blind spots came into view when I was made aware of things that already existed that could make my work and life easier. I didn’t have to create anything new. I simply needed to find the best products, services and people that were a great fit with the work that I was doing. Life is so lovely with systems in place that multiply your reach and give you your time back. For example, I used to spend hours trying to respond to multiple emails from clients interested in coaching. Once I finally got around to those emails, I was spending even more time trying to coordinate our schedules to find a time that worked for both of us to meet. Now they can simply go to my website, click a few buttons and complete registration forms, schedule a session, sign a contract, and pay, all without me having to be involved. None of that existed before because I was convinced that I had to do it all.  

If you want to experience that same level of freedom through automation, it all starts with the mind and believing that it's possible for your business and life to function successfully and optimally without your hands on all parts of it.

Here are a some tangible tips related to systems that’s I’ve added to enhance my life: Join or Start a Mastermind Group

Imagine several brains coming together to form one big brain. Think about how much knowledge, experience and expertise that big brain would have to offer. That is how a mastermind group works. Strategically assemble or join a group of people who will support and inspire your growth. Be very mindful about the group you choose or form. You want to make sure everyone involved is getting supreme value out of their participation. Everyone should be giving and getting something back in return. No one should find themselves feeling like they are doing the bulk of the work, or only on the receiving end of the benefits. Get an Assistant You don’t have to be a business owner to need an assistant. Parents, caregivers and pretty much anyone who has any overwhelming responsibilities can benefit from such help. My life has changed for the better over these last couple of weeks since I hired an executive assistant. She has given me my time back by taking on tasks that were taking up hours that I really didn’t have to spare. If you are not in a position to hire someone yet, look into volunteers, interns or people who are interested in your mentorship to help you with the tedious tasks that must be done, but drain your energy. Another thing I learned in Operations School is that you should only be doing the things that only you can do. Everything else should be delegated to someone else. Actions like these free up the mental space that it takes to live and lead a life that you love. This week I challenge you to make the mental shift away from believing that you have to do it all alone. Identify one task that you can delegate to someone else such as a housekeeper, your children, or a student eager to learn more about something you’ve become bored with. Take action today and reinvest the time you will get back into activities and experiences that enrich your mind, body and soul.

Manifestation Affirmations I am working smarter. I am a wise and responsible steward of my time. I am open to receive assistance. 

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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