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Invite Delight

There are few sounds that I find more satisfying than the high-pitched squeal of my niece when something excites her. This enchanting exclamation is not limited by age or gender. I once heard a grown man make a similar blissful shriek when a woman who he had a deep crush on entered the room. These memories inspired me to reflect on the things that give me that same feeling of exuberance. I plan to intentionally incorporate these things into my daily, weekly, and monthly schedules to create a beautiful harmonic medley of work, life, health, and fun.

Here are a few strategies to support you in putting your plan into action. Your Delight List. This morning I wrote a list of all the things that give me feelings of delight and wonder in my journal. I filled the page with everything from my favorite childhood snacks to adult activities that allow me to get lost in a blissful flow. After analyzing the items, I realized that there are several that I can easily add to my calendar. Color Your Calendar. There came a time when I realized that work held far more weight in my life than all of the other things that mattered to me the most. This inspired me to expand my color-coding system. Initially I had different colors to distinguish between different clients and types of work. To hold myself accountable, I assigned yellow to anything that prioritized my health, self-care, or fun. This allowed me to look at my calendar and be able to tell at-a-glance if I was doing enough for me, or if I needed to step it up. I’m happy to say that now my calendar is overflowing with yellow which is intentionally aligned with sunshine. Intentional Infusion. It may seem challenging to set aside time for the things that delight you when you feel overwhelmed with an overflowing list of commitments. For this reason, I invite you to imagine how you might incorporate some of these things into your regular responsibilities. For example, I love to couple my love for podcasts and audiobooks with commutes to work, or during walking workouts. If any of the items on your delight list are activities that you’ve enjoyed since childhood, I’m certain they can be coupled with time spent with the little loved ones in your life. This week I challenge you to remember what brings you delight and invite it into your days. This is a wonderful way to counter the stress and exhaustion produced by the current climate and the adverse effects that it has on our wellbeing. Make the commitment today. How will you invite delight? Manifestation Affirmations: I am inviting delight into my life. I am the melody in the 3-part harmony with my work and life. I am intentionally infusing wonder into my work.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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