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Magical Distractions

Many years ago, I was a magician’s assistant. In this role I learned about how magic worked behind the scenes. Much of what captivates an audience during a magic show is tied to the performer doing one thing to draw our attention away from another thing that they don’t want us to see. This makes me think of one of my favorite questions: What’s your magic? This inquiry has intrigued me since I heard a colleague ask it years ago. It’s the idea that each of us has a special skill that we are uniquely gifted with that we do better than anything else. When we are operating in this space, we are mesmerizing. As people are drawn to you, just as they are to a street magic show, requests for your time and talents increase and it becomes more challenging to know when to say, “No.” Being in this magical mode invites what appear to be wonderful opportunities but are distractions in disguise. Just like the sleight of hand technique in the practice of magic, these exciting offers catch and divide our attention, taking us away from where we really want to be focused. As you continue your journey of doing the important inner work associated with personal and professional growth and development, your light will shine brighter. If you are not intentional about your time and capacity, you can easily be pulled in many different directions which will leave you feeling overwhelmed and spread thin. Here are a few strategies to support you in staying aligned with what matters most. Formulate Your Filters. It’s easier to say “No” when you get clear on what you want and don’t want ahead of time. Think about the process of booking travel accommodations. We can set filters to narrow our search based on the amenities we desire. We can do this in our occupations as well. For instance, as much as I love youth, I’m at a phase in my career where my focus is on work with adults. When I get a request to work directly with young people, I have a list of professional peers who are focused on direct youth service to whom I can refer those opportunities. I’ve also set firm, non-negotiable days on which I don’t take on clients, which helps me to be more clear on what I say yes to. Identify Illusions. When I was heavily into real estate investing, I was invited to a meeting by someone I knew who said they wanted to talk to me about an investment opportunity. Five minutes into the meeting I felt deceived and frustrated when I realized that it was not about real estate investing at all. It was a tactic to get me to join a multi-level marketing company in which I had no interest. This taught me to be more intentional about asking questions and taking time to think through requests before I say yes. Just like the art of illusion in magic, there are many things that appear to be one thing but are something different altogether. Elevated Escape. Being inundated with obligations can feel like restraints such as the handcuffs, straightjackets, or locked tanks with rising water that magicians are confined to with limited time to break free. Clear timelines and deadlines can create escape routes that elevate us from feeling overwhelmed. I often limit my availability, consulting rates, and contracts to certain seasons or quarters of the year, letting clients know that things will change or increase in the new year. These time limits give me the freedom to change my mind when tasks or relationships aren’t aligned, affording me the ability to exit with grace and style. This week I challenge you to assess how your magic is impacting your quality of life. Sometimes we can be so great at a thing that we can become a prisoner to it. Enjoy the fullness of your zone of genius by planning for how to navigate magical distractions. Manifestation Affirmations I am filtering my availability to focus on what matters to me. I am identifying illusions to minimize distractions. I am establishing elevated escape routes that allow me to exit environments that are out of alignment.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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