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Make Space for Greatness

What is something you really want right now?

Get ready to receive something greater...

When we were searching for our new home, I really wanted a yard with a privacy fence. My previous home was on a corner lot, so my yard was exposed to a lot of uninvited action. I wanted a quiet and peaceful outdoor space where I could read, relax, and enjoy nature. I also wanted my niece and nephews to have a safe place to play when they came to visit without having to worry about stray animals, vehicles, or bullets.

After searching together for months, I noticed that my partner had a vision for our future that

was far beyond the capacity of my belief at that time. My limited ability to dream bigger when it came to what was possible was holding us back, so I told him that I trusted him to find what he thought was best for us. That release removed the blinders that were blocking my ability to truly see the beautiful bounty of blessings that were before me.

While sharing stories we’ve heard about unfortunate experiences with neighbors peeking into one another’s yards or starting unwelcome conversations over hit me. I wanted a privacy fence, but instead, I got a privacy forest!

He found a home for us that is surrounded by acres of land filled with trees and wildlife that I marvel at every single day. Had I held on to trying to control the outcome, I would have missed out on the bigger gift that was available to us.

What is something you’ve hoped for, but ended up getting so much more?

Where might you release the need to control the outcome to make space for something bigger, better, and beyond what you could have ever imagined?

Here are a few strategies to support you as you make space for greatness.

Surrender. You don’t have to know it all or do it all. Release the need to control the outcome and place the desires of your heart in trusted hands. Give it to God, your partner, or delegate tasks and responsibilities to those who have the expertise and capacity.

Stretch. I got something I didn’t even know I wanted by being open and flexible. If we confine our vision for what’s possible, we will limit ourselves to playing small. Expand the space that you give your dreams to play out.

Savor. Shift your focus from what you don’t have or didn’t get and cherish and appreciate the ways in which you’ve received more than you asked for.

This week I challenge you to give gratitude for how greatness has already shown up in your life, and make space for the more that is trying to make its way into your reality.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am making space for more.

I am surrendering to the safe support of the trusted ones who love me unconditionally.

I am savoring the flavor of life.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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