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Manage Your Subscription

Can you relate to feeling overwhelmed by the number of emails that inundate your inbox?

I had so many that were unsorted or needed to be deleted that I ended up having to pay for extra storage. Our inboxes, like our minds, only have so much capacity. If we don’t manage what’s coming in, we will exceed that capacity and it will come at a cost.

Here are a few strategies to support you as you manage your subscriptions in your mental, personal, and professional spaces.

Prioritize to Energize. There are certain newsletters and deals from my favorite stores that bring me joy. When I read them, they add value or offer inspiration and energy. Many of our email systems give us the option to indicate this delight by giving these emails a star, adding them to our address books, or sorting and saving them in a special folder. Think about the people, conversations, activities, and content that give you this same feeling. Prioritize them in your schedule and thoughts accordingly.

Who or what energizes you? How might you create more intentional space for those people and things in your life?

Adjust for Alignment. I used to love using to book my travel accommodations because I could always find great deals that fit within my limited budget. The catch was that the hotel wasn't revealed until after you paid. Now that I’ve manifested an increase in my abundance and overflow, I am more intentional about booking directly with brands that I love and reaping the benefits of their loyalty programs.

Just as there are companies we were once into, but that no longer fit where we are in life, there are also relationships and spaces that are no longer in alignment with the level to which we’ve elevated. It doesn’t mean that they are bad, they were great for our younger selves or for who we were under different circumstances.

Where might you adjust your subscriptions to align with who you are now?

Unsubscribe. When unwanted emails come, you don’t have to open them, read them, or even keep them. You can simply delete them. But unless you unsubscribe, they will continue to arrive. In life, unsubscribing may look like setting and communicating a clear boundary. We can ignore or avoid things, but as long as we are still subscribed, they will continue to take up space.

What habit, relationship, or activity do you need to unsubscribe from to free up mental and emotional space?

This week I challenge you to manage what you are subscribed to by assessing what energizes you, what is or isn’t aligned, and what needs to be released.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am prioritizing that which is energizing.

I am adjusting my affiliations for alignment.

I am unsubscribing from unsavory situations by setting and communicating clear boundaries.

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