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Manifesting Morocco

All year as I wrote my intentions and said my prayers, I hoped that my annual Restoration for Leaders Retreat in Morocco would be successful and sold out. Not only did that dream come true, but I also oversold the trip which made it so that I slumbered in different accommodations to ensure that all of my guests had the most lavish experience. You can see from our pictures and videos that we had a beautiful adventure that I am so grateful to have had a hand in facilitating. What we don’t see in this, or any other massive undertaking are the challenges and lessons learned that accompany exponential growth.

It's natural to hope for the larger home, the business growth, or the widespread recognition for our accomplishments. We see the highlight reel of these things happening for others and think, “Wow, I want that.” What we don’t see is all that ensues behind the scenes and the great responsibility and sacrifice that is required to attain and maintain these fantastic feats.

Here are a few strategies to support you as you manifest your greatest dreams and desires.

Calculate the Cost. There was a game we used to play as children where we tried to imagine our future. It was a game of chance where we were given a number and we counted up to that number to land on different options for how we were to live. For example, one choice was between living in a shack, a regular house, or a mansion. I always wanted the mansion. What never crossed my mind as a child was the cost it would take to maintain one once it was acquired. Not only the literal monetary cost, but the sacrifices in energy, time, and other interests that must be exchanged.

I encourage you to continue to dream as big as your mind will allow, but make sure you also account for your wellbeing budget.

Triple the Time. Last year five fellow travelers joined me for my Restoration for Leaders Retreat in Morocco. With such a small group we were able to move about freely and swiftly throughout the country. This year that number more than doubled which meant everything needed far more time and grace. As our lives and businesses grow, we must also increase the amount of time necessary to maintain and sustain that growth in a healthy and harmonious way.

Flexibility and communication were key as things shifted in ways we hadn’t anticipated. It also helped that I curated a very intentional group who trusted me and practiced patience and grace as we grew through the experience together.

Raise Rest. I returned home from Morocco on this day one week ago and I am still adjusting to the time change and jet lag. Our natural tendency may be to ride the momentum of growth and success, but it is a must that we account for just as much rest. I intentionally took it easy over this last week because last year I learned the hard way the amount of rest and recovery that is required after such an epic journey.

When we commit to doing more, we must also commit to resting more, otherwise nothing or no one will get our best. As you rise in your business and life, account for an aligned rise in rest.

This week I challenge you to enhance your intentions by adding the resources, energy, and rest you will need to supplement the dreams you want to manifest. We often don’t get to see this side of success, so this is your opportunity to proactively plan for peace and rest.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am calculating the cost of living the life of my dreams and setting aside an ample investment for my wellbeing budget.

I am tripling the time it takes to move into my dreams with ease and grace.

I am committed to raising my level of rest.

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