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Messages Received and Messages Believed

Couples therapy has been changing my life ya’ll! If you haven’t tried it, or therapy period, I highly recommend it. During our last session, our doctor made a statement about the messages we receive and the messages we believe. This struck me in the moment and stuck with me throughout the week. Think about all of the messages we’ve received since we were old enough to observe and absorb the world around us. Our parents, family, friends, educational and religious institutions, media, and now social media inundate us with millions of messages daily. Of all the messages that we receive, how do we decipher which ones we should actually believe? Think about how you are showing up in the world. How much of what rises to the surface is because of who you authentically are at your core, and how much of it is based on what you believe about yourself and the world based on external messaging? Zero in on the parts of your identity that you focus on the most. Perhaps it’s your size, age, relationship status, financial status, race, sexual orientation, religion, political view or career. Do you feel that who you are and what you do is right, wrong, good, or bad? Says who? Has the authority on the subject been your upbringing, culture, government, partner, or some other influence outside of your own heart and mind? Now think of someone outside of yourself, perhaps a person you know and love, who is on the opposite end of the identity you are focusing on. Are they right, wrong, good, or bad? What if I told you there was no such thing as right, wrong, good, or bad, but simply whatever value, perception or expectation we choose to assign to it based on what we believe? Our beliefs about ourselves and our lives are often not our own. They are likely a result of messages that we’ve received from somewhere else that we decided were the truth. This week I challenge you to reject the messages that you are receiving about yourself that lead you down a path of limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and feeling as though you aren’t good enough as you are. Of course, there is always room and opportunity for growth, but let that assessment, not judgement, come from within, and not based on what the world, social media, or someone outside of you told you that you should be, do or feel. Pay close attention to the messages you receive and do a thorough soul check before you decide which ones you will believe.

You get to decide.

Choose the path of self-compassion that intersects with the road of self-acceptance and leads to the destination of unconditional love of self. 

Manifestation Affirmations I trust my truth. I am enough just as I am. I am authentically me. 

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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