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Mind Your Mental Music

This weekend I was delighted to spend time with my family, particularly the children, for Halloween. My brother made a makeshift haunted maze with boxes in his basement. The only thing that was actually scary about it was my risk of getting stuck as I belly crawled through cardboard tunnels that were clearly meant for kid bodies. My four-year-old niece tested it out the night before and was thoroughly amused and excited. Even though it was the same maze the next day, some of the external elements that we added changed her feelings from fun to fear. When I went through with her the first time, I added exaggerated commentary, feigned fright, and screamed when we came across the tiny plastic worm, salamander, and spider that my brother had placed in the homemade haunted attraction. This caused her anxiety to increase and she abandoned me at the first emergency exit (hole in one of the boxes). When my nephew got home from gymnastics, we decided to kick it up a notch by adding spooky music. The moment my niece got to the bottom of the stairs and heard that music, she burst into uncontrollable and inconsolable tears. What changed? The maze was the same. It was the extra commentary and music that we added. This is much like life. We are often fine with a thing, until someone, including our own inner voice, gets in our ear, which is a direct line to our head and our heart. Think about movies. Would any of them be as riveting without the accompanying musical score? If we can be so deeply impacted by external and internal background noise, it’s important that we are mindful of what we let in. Here are a few strategies to filter the noise, especially when we are facing a potentially emotionally charged and challenging week. Noise Cancellation. My noise-canceling headphones are one of the best investments I’ve made in a long time. Not only do they block out external noise so I can focus on what I’m listening to, but I can adjust the amount of noise that I block out or let in. There are levels from zero to ten. Think of this in relation to the news about current events on television and the constant chatter and opinionated reactions to it from friends and influencers on social media. Some knowledge may be helpful, but you don’t have to consume all of it all of the time. What noise will you adjust or cancel? Mood Music. When I facilitate workshops, I always have music playing when my participants enter the room. The musical selection is based upon the tone I want to set. People are often mandated to come to these trainings and are certain that they are in for a long and boring day. Imagine their surprise when they are met with Motown hits, Bruno Mars, or other artists and musical genres that one can’t help but feel good after hearing? We can set the tone for our lives in this same way. Surround yourself with the types of people, messages, and music that give you what you need in the moment. What mood do you want to set for how you feel about the current climate? Righteous Revenge. Comedian Kevin Hart is notorious for talking so much crap to basketball players from his floor seat at NBA games that it pushes them to excel far beyond their normal level of output to get back at him. Instead of allowing him to psyche them out and throw them off of their game, they use his insults to propel their performance. The loudest and most persistent naysayer is often our critical inner voice. Prove it wrong as punishment for bad behavior by allowing it to fuel your goal-getting fierceness and fire.

What negative self-talk do you need to prove wrong? This week I challenge you to mind your mental music. Pay attention to the sounds around and inside of you. Adjust or cancel any noise that does not serve you or that adds to your angst. Manifestation Affirmations I am amplifying my positive affirmations with surround sound. I am canceling noise that does not serve me or adds to my angst. I am setting the tone for my desired experiences.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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