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Mindset Moments

As our availability and attention spans shrink rapidly it becomes increasingly challenging to set aside moments for mental rest. These mindset moments don’t have to be long and involved to have a positive impact on our mental health. Think of it as taking a few minutes for a mini mental health retreat when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Here are some strategies to support you as you design your mindset moments.

Grounding Grace. When business takes off or personal matters pile up, it can feel like you're building a plane as you are flying it. No matter how high or fast planes can fly, they are built on the ground. Give yourself permission to land. Rebuild, refuel, and get the routine maintenance needed to make your next move safely. This can look like creating a bank of practices you can pull from to center and ground you. Examples that I return to include writing out my plan for the day by hand each morning even though it lives elsewhere electronically. Approaching each day one day at a time in this tactile way makes me feel rooted and connected in the present moment.

Where can you give yourself moments of grace for grounding?

Sensory Shift. Imagine a scent, texture, sound, or visual that immediately calms you or transports you to a warm memory. Take a moment to shift your senses in this way to give yourself a mental break and emotional boost when you feel angst rising or energy declining. Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite essential oil on your pillow. Wrap yourself in a robe or blanket that has a comforting feel against your skin. Walk barefoot on the earth. Plunge your hands into the rich and cool soil of your plants or garden. Light a wood wick candle and listen to the crackle of the flame. Explore what works for you and take a few minutes as needed to soothe your soul.

How might you shift your sensory scenery to refresh your mental space?

Expectation Ejection. Sometimes the thing that’s holding us down is the weight of the expectations we place on ourselves and others. We are exhausted by trying to control, convince, and understand as these heavy expectations constantly go unmet. It may be that we are projecting our values onto someone who has different values of their own which may be in direct contrast to what we hold dear. Perhaps we are holding ourselves to a standard that was placed on us by someone else, but it doesn’t truly reflect who we are at our core. Identify where you can exchange expectation for acceptance to liberate yourself mentally and emotionally.

What’s one expectation you can release with love to lighten your mental load?

This week I challenge you to infuse some mindset moments into your schedule to make space for mental care and rest.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am giving myself grace for grounding when life feels like it’s taking off and dragging me.

I am shifting my sensory scenery to soothe my soul.

I am ejecting unrealistic expectations of myself and others and replacing them with acceptance.

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