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My Birthday Wish

My birthday is today! As I sat last night to write out my birthday wishlist, I realized that it was shorter than it has ever been. I found it hard to think of things that I want for two reasons. First, I’ve already designed a life that is intentionally filled with dreamy things and people. Second, both age and the changes in the world have caused a shift that makes me more focused on and interested in what matters most. I’m glad to have returned to this place of alignment on my birthday. The biggest lesson that I’ve learned this year is that even the strongest minds can be influenced to believe that they want something that deep down, they really don’t want at all. Your journey is unique to you. While someone else’s path might appear to be one you’d love to travel, they possess special equipment and tools that allow them to travel with ease. You have your own custom tools that are designed to navigate the road that is meant for you. As I was writing this, I got a call from my mentor, Gail Perry-Mason. In addition to all of her wonderful words and birthday wishes, she said something that really stood out. “You are using your gifts.” This inspired the following strategies that will support you in making your own wishes come true. Use Your Gifts. Life began to flow more smoothly when I stopped trying to get better at things that I wasn’t good at and began to lead with my greatest talents. There is someone else who delights in the tasks that you find to be pure drudgery. Liberate your mind, heart, and soul by leaving those things to them and going all in on your Zone of Genius. Not only will it free you, but it will benefit all who are in community with you. Retire Young. Today marks the day that I retire from my 25+ year career in the youth development field to focus fully on the care and development of adults, particularly women and executive leaders. Initially I was very afraid of leaving the two main youth development organizations where I had been a consultant for many years. They were a safe anchor for me, not only financially, but emotionally. As I began to transition, it became clear that I was making the right move because it made space for other talented youth development professionals who I wanted to see succeed. At the same time, a host of opportunities that were more aligned with this next phase of my life began to appear. Listen to Your Love Language. Making my birthday wishlist helped me to realize that spending quality time with my loved ones and creating new memories and experiences is what really matters to me most. Up to this point, my career always took the spotlight at center stage in my life. Now I am ready to just love and be loved by my family and friends who are my trusted companions on this next leg of my soul journey. This week I challenge you to write your wishlist. Even if it is not your birthday, it might be enlightening to see what shows up. Use it as a guide to direct your personal and professional path in a way that is aligned with what matters most. Manifestation Affirmations I am engaging in work that lights me up. I am leading with my greatest gifts and talents. I am listening to my love language and applying it to all of the relationships in my life.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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