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Nature Healing

Last week a storm with the force of a tornado touchdown ripped through our yard uprooting several trees. One tree fell across our driveway obstructing the path to our home. My partner and I each set out to tackle it individually but quickly learned that it was too heavy a burden for either of us to carry alone.

We decided that we would deconstruct it bit by bit and branch by branch. As we began working, the path slowly opened up and became more clear. Eventually the load was light enough for us to lift it out of the way.

We could have hired help or used tools to save time and effort, but there was something powerful about our process. Working with my hands, surrounded by the beautiful scents, scenery, and soundtrack of nature did wonders to soothe my troubled soul. Even when rain began to fall in the midst of my work, the cool drops were a refreshing and welcome reprieve.

This was a timely task because the storm and the destruction that it left in its wake was representative of some of the recent emotional and health challenges I’ve been navigating. The feat that we accomplished together reminded me that with loving community, one small step at a time, we can move what once seemed immovable and accomplish what may have seemed to be impossible.

This is one of the many mighty ways that the lessons and elements of nature can support our healing. Here are a few strategies to guide you on your nature healing journey.

Branch by Branch. Like the fallen tree, some of the challenges and obstacles that we face are too massive to tackle all at once. But if we break them down into manageable bits, eventually we can make the progress we desire. Whether it’s a financial obligation, or a health challenge, one small action, habit, conversation, or change at a time over time will lead to your liberation.

Fuel for the Fire. As I broke down the branches, I loaded them into a wheelbarrow and dumped them into our firepit. What once proved to be an obstacle was repurposed into something that will create warmth, beauty, and light in the darkness. Similarly, some of my most devastating moments have become my muses for my art, writing, coaching, and content for workshops that I facilitate to support others in their healing.

Collective Care. My partner tried to move the fallen tree alone to no avail. While he rested, I went out and began to break it down branch by branch. Once I made some major progress, I tried to move the tree, but it was still too massive for me to do alone. When we came together, we were successful. There is so much that is said about self-care these days, but one of the most powerful paths to healing is through the collaborative care of community.

This week I challenge you to apply the lessons learned from nature to your journey to healing.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am breaking down my burdens into manageable bits that will lead me to my breakthroughs.

I am using my messes as my muses for my masterpieces.

I am accessing my healing through the collective care of my community.

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