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Permission Slips and Field Trips

At the beginning of every session that I facilitate, I have the audience co-create group norms or agreements that serve as a guide for how we will participate. It ensures that everyone has what they need to feel brave, to learn, and to fully engage in the experience. I also enjoy giving them the opportunity to set personal intentions for their time. One way that I do this is through an activity called Permission Slips that I learned while reading Dare to Lead by Brené Brown.


In this activity participants are asked to complete the sentence, “I give myself permission to…” on a Post It Note that they will place somewhere in their line of sight to remind themselves to prioritize their needs and wellbeing throughout the session. One of my favorite examples of what one might write is, “I give myself permission to be fully present even though I am being pulled in many directions.”


What do you need to give yourself permission to do, or not do today?


I also love coordinating field trips for my clients. Why should joy and play be limited to our childhood years? I’ve hosted mini local adventures such as a Bike and Brunch, a Backyard Bonfire, or a visit to a Sound Healing Meditation Session. These quests serve as a way to make sure that my people set aside time for connection, relaxation, and recreation.


What solo or curated community field trip would spark joy in your life this spring or summer?

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