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Personal History Lessons

Sometimes we forget to remember who we are. When we hear the word history, it’s usually in relation to our country, region, or culture. The longer we live, the more history we are creating that is unique to us as individuals. As I began to think and do research on what I wanted to write about today, I stumbled upon an informative history lesson on myself. I’m on vacation, so I’m trying hard to do nothing, but habit and my heart for this work simply won’t allow me to go without writing, or at least sending you a message. This gave me the idea to do a Google search to find one of my old messages from many years ago to refresh and resend. In doing this I found an article that someone wrote about me and my writing journey almost ten years ago. Back then, the author of this article was one of my readers and an audience member in one of my writing workshops. Now, she is one of my dearest and closest friends who is a part of the morning mastermind group that I talk with weekly. I don’t even remember doing this interview, but she was able to capture the true essence of who I have always been. This reminded me that when I have questions, doubts, or fears about what’s next, I can always refer to the history of me. Here are a few strategies that can support you as you delve into the history of you to inform your next steps in your personal and professional life. Remember Who You Are. As we go through life, we take on identities such as being a parent, professional, or caregiver that may cause us to forget who we were before we took on those roles. Think of it as wearing a full body costume for years. You see this image in the mirror each day, and eventually you forget what you look like under all the masks, makeup, and other layers concealing your core. A simple practice of writing a list of the things you’ve abandoned that you really loved, circling the ones that still feel like a whole body yes, then doing just one of those things, if even for a few minutes, can support you in returning to the true you. Personal Board of Directors. Just like a company or an organization, it’s important to have trusted people who can provide direction for your life when you are feeling lost or stuck. In addition to my mastermind groups, I have my Soul Tribe, which started out as a group of women who I coach, but now they feel more like family and a wise council of spiritual advisors. One of them sent me a birthday message so deep that it makes me cry every time I read it. As you support and care for others, they are often watching and observing you more closely than you realize. It is these beautiful souls who can see you more clearly than you can see yourself. They hold valuable information that gives you what you need to proceed. Trust Your Truth. Reading that article about my writing career reminded me that I’ve always been transparent in sharing even the hardest parts of my journey. This is both freeing for me, and it is also rewarding when I find out that it helped someone who was suffering in silence to know that they are not alone. One of my clients always says, “You have no fear. It must be because you are a Scorpio.” It appears this way because even when I am afraid, I am still willing to try really challenging things and openly share my experiences, which always makes me come out wiser and stronger on the other side. This week I challenge you to work with the informative power of your individual history. There’s something you’ve been through that holds the instruction manual for your next transition, season, action, or cause for a pause. Remember who you are to become or return to who you want to be. Manifestation Affirmations I am trusting the wisdom of my history to show me who I am meant to be. I am surrounded by a village of beautiful souls who truly see and hear me. I am trusting my truth.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones

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